I wanted to thank you for your outstanding program – I received and accepted an offer from Bain in October, and can unequivocally state that your program was instrumental in helping me navigate the daunting gamut of Consulting interviews.

A little background on me – I definitely don’t fit the mold of a typical entrant into the Consulting field. I am a career officer/pilot in the US Air Force and just spent the last 3+ years getting my MBA through the Evening program at [U.S. University] Business School. When I started the MBA program, I honestly didn’t have a “master plan” for my post-MBA career.

Once I decided that I wanted to try and go into Consulting, I knew I needed some help getting ready for this monster called “The Case Interview”. I asked my friends what resources they were using, and I got the standard response – Crack the CaseCase in Point, etc. I bought these books and tried to implement their methods, but they just weren’t for me. Too many frameworks and much too mechanical….

After becoming frustrated, I did some online research of my own and I stumbled across your website. I watched the free videos, and immediately liked what I saw. Your frameworks were great – simple outlines to follow that really helped when I wasn’t quite sure where to start or where to go. Once I started using your frameworks in practice with my friends, I was immediately comfortable and started experiencing success in being able to confidently attack and solve cases.

While the frameworks were great, it was my decision to purchase LOMS that really accelerated my learning. When trying to decide whether or not to make the purchase, I remember listening to you discuss the economic reward of getting a job at a top-tier firm, and when I compared that to the relatively small cost of LOMS, not spending the money was a risk I was not willing to take. I quickly made the purchase and began listening to the cases during my three hours of daily commuting. I honestly don’t know how many times I went through each case, but I do know that for almost two months, my passion for music suffered greatly as your cases became the only item on my playlist…

LOMS was great… I have two young children at home; when combined with a full-time job/evening classes/the previously mentioned commute, it was really tough to try and find an extra few hours to practice cases with another aspiring consultant. LOMS was available whenever and wherever I could find the time, and your real-time critiques and commentary provided a level of learning that I just don’t think is available in any other forum.

So, thank you Victor – I am excitedly looking forward to my new career in Consulting, and you played a huge role in helping make it happen – I am truly grateful.