Case Interview Frameworks

Here's the download link to a pdf file of the case interview frameworks that I used to get my 7 consulting job offers - including McKinsey.

If you've done any research on case interview frameworks, you'll find that my approach is a bit different than what you might see in books as guides written about case interview. Others will often give you dozens of frameworks to use in several dozen different situation.

I've found it easier to master 3 - 4 key frameworks that apply to the vast majority of cases. If you get really good at the frameworks and are naturally analytical, you'll be able to do extremely well in 85% of case situations. The remaining 15% of cases are kind of odd and unusual - typically requiring you to create a framework for a very unique situation on the fly. Personally, I find this is very hard to prepare for and is less a practicable skill and more of a talent or art.

I personally found that I got better at solving cases very creatively (deviating from standard frameworks) the more I mastered the main frameworks. I was better able to see which parts of a case situation fit a pre-existing framework and which did not. Often I would combine frameworks - such as starting with a profit and loss framework, realizing there are broader business issues at play to understand why say unit sales are down... and switch to a business situation framework midstream.

Click Here for Case Interview Frameworks

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