Networking for a Consulting Interview

I get a lot of emails from students that ask how they can network to secure a management consulting interview or how they can use networking to go further in their careers.

We have lots of resources on that address this topic of networking. Below is a listing of all of these resources.

Resources to Help with Networking Process:

Guide to How to Network to Get a Consulting Interview: Specific process you can start using right away towards securing an interview

Guide to How to Network for Career Advancement: Class on how you can build a network of relationships without feeling sleezy or manipulative.

Review the book Your Network is Your Net-Worth by Porter Gale, former of VP of Marketing for Virgin America.

Watch my video interview with Porter Gale, author of the above listed book: Your Network is Your Net-Worth

Watch this video tutorial on networking from a world-class networker: How to be a Master Networker

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Networking to Obtain a Case Interview and Management Consulting Job Offer Resources


How to network if you have no connections to start the networking process:
Networking Tips for Securing an Interview

Suggestions for those worried about a potential negative impression from networking:
More on Networking to Get a Consulting Interview

Success Stories:

These are success stories from students that were successful in receiving interviews and job offers through networking and their advice and tips on how you can do the same.

This is a success story from a reader who succeeded in securing a McKinsey interview using an unusual method, with my comments:
How to Get a McKinsey Interview Through Networking

This is a success story from a reader who received a job offer from BCG about the importance of networking along with my comments:
Networking to Get McKinsey, Bain & BCG Offers

Networking to for Career Success


How people and relationships are key to solving cases:

How McKinsey Partners Solve Cases

How relationships are the key to life and career success lessons and tips from Porter Gale, former VP of Marketing for Virgin America

Your Relationships=Your Net Worth

How your network and relationships is the x factor that can set you apart.

Why “Dumber” People are More Successful than You

How the most successful people are those with the most successful networks.

Powerful Friends

How your peer group is profoundly important in your personal and professional life and your success in both.

The Power of a Strong Peer Group