Networking for a Consulting Interview

I get a lot of emails from CIBs that ask how they can network to secure a management consulting interview. I've assembled a list of articles I've posted regarding this topic, with useful suggestions from other candidates and my thoughts, to help you succeed in securing an interview.

Additional Suggestions/ Resources to Help with the Networking Process:

  1. Consider my guide on How to Network to Get a Consulting Interview, for a specific process you can start using right away towards securing an interview:
    How to Network to Get a Consulting Interview
  2. Fine tune your resume/CV. For help with this, see my video at:
    Consulting Resume
  3. Review the book Your Network is Your Network, by Porter Gale, former VP of Marketing for Virgin America.
  4. Watch my interview with Porter Gale, author of the above listed book: Your Network is Your Net Worth [Video Interview]
  5. Watch this video tutorial on networking from a world-class networker: How to be a Master Networker [Video]

Good luck!

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