Success without an Offer

Following is a field report from a reader that found success in improvements and personal advances, even though no offers were extended.

Field Report:

I recently finished final rounds with McKinsey and while I did not receive an offer, I still wanted to send a note of appreciation to you for everything you've provided me through your website and LOMS.

In the spirit of overstructuring, I'd like to go through:

1) My background
2) Experience using LOMS

My Background
I graduated from [U.S. University], did 2 years of consulting at [marketing consulting firm], and now currently work at [financial services corporation] doing strategy / business development. In one of my groups at [current employer], I worked under former McKinsey partnesr and EMs and learned a lot, and decided that moving back to consulting might be a good move for me.

Experience Using LOMS
I cannot say how valuable LOMS was in helping me structure my thoughts and go through cases. My expertise in case interviewing was previously developed using Case In Point, which I have now all but tossed away in favor of your hypothesis-driven methodology (which I have found very similar to the problem-solving structure at both [marketing consulting firm] and working with the former McKinsey consultants).

I went through 6 rounds of case study interviews, over the course of 4 months, and listening to the interviewer-led cases really helped me during this long and grueling process.

Despite not getting an offer at the end, I am very proud of making it all the way to final rounds, and can confidently say that this would not be the case had I not found your program.

Moreover, your advice, aside from case study prepping, has been incredibly encouraging. From understanding your own core competencies, to keeping things in perspective, all these things strongly resonated with me and are incredibly valuable life lessons. I would even say that those lessons are more valuable to me than any specific case-study advice that you have provided through LOMS (and that's saying a lot!).

Thank you again so much for providing these resources - this interviewing experience has been incredibly introspective for me, and you personally made a large impact on that process.

Wish you the very best in your business and in life!

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  • Francisco Jun 18, 2013, 7:09 pm

    Well done friend. You got the winners mind afterall.
    Certainly making it to the final rounds in the top consulting firms is close enough to success, and I think you should try again sometime in the future. Something similar happened to me but with a boutique consulting firm in my country. I did the networking which was not easy at first. After random follow ups on my contacts I got invited for a caseinterview and eventhough I did not make it to the final rounds, I got my first two initial objectives which were the interview invitation and get the breakeven number that I was requested to calculate in the case. I guess the best part of it, was getting to feel the adrenaline in being in charge and under pressure along with a bit of curiosity and fun. Nevertheless, after my first caseinterview expereince, I am motivating in enhancing more my analytics business skills, and try again a long the road, if possible.

  • Krzysztof Feb 23, 2014, 7:33 pm

    That field report highlights very important issue – if you put the effort and increase problem solving skills you are the winner no matter the outcome of interviews. You might not get the offer you dreamed of, but the new skillset stays with you and makes you more effective and efficient, bottom line more successful, in whatever you do.

    I have just started my MBB campaign. I will do my best to get the offers, but they are not my primary goal. My primary goal is to elevate my problem solving skills to the MBB level. Subtle difference between my circle of concern (getting an MBB offer) and my circle of influence (getting to MBB level).

    • Victor Cheng Feb 27, 2014, 12:22 pm


      The distinction you mention is a subtle but important one. I hope others will be able to notice the distinction and consider it as another kind of successful outcome.


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