Over the years, I’ve noticed the role that luck plays in success for myself and others.

I won’t lie. Getting lucky on an opportunity is great.

The problem is that you can’t control when or if you get lucky.

However, what you can control is whether you are prepared enough so that, when luck presents itself, you’re able to capitalize on it.

Sometimes, critics will see someone successful and say, “Oh, she just got lucky.”

What the critic misses is the hundreds, if not thousands, of hours that went into being prepared enough to take advantage of an unexpected opportunity.

Luck isn’t a reliable alternative to competence.

However, competence is absolutely a multiplier to luck.

Luck in the hands of someone competent is a success.

Luck in the hands of someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing is merely a wasted opportunity.

In life, you don’t get an infinite supply of good luck. However, you will be presented with lucky opportunities from time to time.

Whether you can take advantage of luck depends entirely on you.

Competence never goes out of style. Never.

One way to improve your level of competence is to learn from the success and mistakes of others.

For those in my Inner Circle Mentorship Program, I share the best of my lifetime of learnings (from the good, the bad, and even the ugly).

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