I’ve worked in the telecom industry for 11 years. I don’t have a MBA. Would getting an Executive MBA help in getting a case interview?

My Reply:

I can’t speak for all firms, but I have never met anyone in consulting at any firm that had an Executive MBA. Amongst the top firms, there’s a perception that the Executive MBA programs at top schools are not as competitive as the regular MBA program – so most don’t recruit from those programs.

If you were a great candidate and happened to have an Executive MBA, I don’t think it would hurt you. However, I think if you really were a great candidate to  begin with I think you’d be able to get the interview without the Executive MBA.

Given your background, I recommend networking extensively to get an interview. This is the best bet for people with backgrounds that don’t fit into those pre-defined profiles that the firms usually go after.

Then once you get an interview, you have to do amazing to make any progress.