In your career, there will be a few pivotal moments when you “sell” a big idea to someone else whose decision will become an inflection point in your career.

You could be “selling” your boss on the idea of promoting you, choosing you to lead a high profile project, or taking on major new responsibilities.

Out of a 2,000-hour work year, regardless of your field, you will spend a percentage of that time convincing someone else of something.

If you’re an engineer, it may be convincing your colleagues of a particular design approach.

If you’re a project manager, it may be convincing your boss to change the project scope to be a game-changing project.

If you’re an entrepreneur, it may be convincing your first prospect to become a client.

Sometimes you’re “selling” yourself (aka a job interview). Other times you’re “selling” a proposed course of action.

Without question, you are “selling” far more often than you realize.

If you have direct reports, you’re selling them on why they should focus on this month’s goals.

If you attend a regular staff meeting, you’re selling your boss on why a particular deadline is unrealistic and why it should be changed.

If you have children, you’re “selling” them on why they should eat their vegetables.

If your flight is delayed, you’re “selling” the ticket agent on why they should book you on an earlier flight and waive the change fee.

If you need your medical records transferred from your old doctor to your new one, you’re selling the administrative staff on why they should fax you the records today rather than mail them to you at the end of the month.

If a police officer pulls you over, you’re selling her on why she shouldn’t give you a ticket.

In short, anytime you want or ask for something, you’re selling.

In every facet of life, you sell, period.

The only question is whether you will be any good at it.

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