Success Story:

I am writing to you in response to our last conversation when I told you I was being interviewed by McKinsey and BCG.

I am glad to tell you I was made an offer by BCG. It was a tremendous experience.

The interviews lasted for 40 minutes each (5 of them) and each with challenging cases. One of them had an estimation case too. All I can say is your videos were extremely helpful. I could not thank you more! I was among the 3 students who was made the offer from among 600 applicants who applied. I stuck to the frameworks you suggested while having my own creativity in mind and it worked perfectly fine. I was also among the top 5 in McKinsey for the final interviews but couldn’t sit for it having accepted the BCG offer.

Your approach and newsletters have helped me tremendously both in my case preparation and to analyze situations better. They have been very insightful indeed. I thank you again for all the help you gave. I look forward to learning from you as much as I can in the future. Your newsletters keep me updated on this front.

My Reply:

Thank you for taking the time to give an update, and congratulations on the BCG offer!!