"With Victor’s help, I went from not knowing anything about consulting to securing offers from McKinsey and BCG."
"Despite having a liberal arts degree from a state school, I landed a dream job with L.E.K. Consulting. Thanks, Victor."
"In my first attempt to break into consulting, I failed every one of my interviews with McKinsey, Bain, BCG, Oliver Wyman, Monitor, Booz and probably a few others. On my second attempt two years later, I followed everything Victor Cheng suggested and took advantage of every resource he provided … and received an offer from McKinsey!"
"As a PhD candidate in engineering, I had an academic background that left me completely unprepared for the case interview process. That’s when I found Victor Cheng and ended up getting my dream job. Thank you, Victor!"
"Victor and all his materials on the case interview are by far the best resources on the topic that exist. The combination of Victor’s advice and hard work made all the difference for me."
"Victor is effective because he focuses on behaviors and habits that make you successful and not just on frameworks. With his help, I received a McKinsey Summer Associate offer."
"Thank you so much for the resume and cover letter program! It’s by far the best investment I’ve ever made. I applied to McKinsey on Wednesday and three hours later I got an invitation to an interview."
"Yes, your resume and cover letter toolkit is VERY helpful. I was the one who wrote TERRIBLE CV and cover letter. Not surprisingly, I often failed in being shortlisted, although I was #1 in my class from the London School of Economics! Your toolkit has helped me in the following aspects in particular:

I learned the recruiting work flow and the recruiter’s mindset. This helps me to tailor my CV/cover letter in a recruiter-friendly way and guarantees all the essential components in my application materials.

I found the resume rewriting videos are extremely helpful! Because following your rewriting process, I simultaneously dug into my past work/extracurricular experience, and managed to construct good points that were factual and highlighted the key skills required."
"I found your Consulting Cover Letter Toolkit a priceless toolbox for consulting-job-hunting for the following 2 reasons: 1. It helps me understand who the consulting firms are looking for, what they want, and why. 2. It helps me understand how to deliver the right information to future employers in the right way. Your Consulting Cover Letter Toolkit is so far my most favorite cover letter toolkit."
"Great news - I got offered a summer internship at Strategy & (PwC) with an opportunity for a full-time offer on graduation! Thanks a lot for your key feedback, advice, and assistance with the case interviews."
"I wanted to let you know that I just got a Bain offer! Thanks for all of your help! "
"I wanted to send you a quick note to say thank you so much for all your help and advice this past year. I resigned from my job this morning, and have signed an offer with BCG! I’ll be starting in the middle of the summer and I couldn’t be more excited. Thank you very much for all your time & advice!"
"I had enough time to watch your tips interview before the first case and I'm certain it helped me survive. I made it through 7 case interviews with only your two case structures, videos, and Insider Secrets. The concepts in Insider Secrets really gave me insight in what not to do and to really focus on thinking out loud, asking enough questions and that most importantly and much like life, the end is not as important as how you get there. I think that paid dividends especially when the difficulty level increased. Thanks for all of the info and thanks for making the nuts and bolts of a case interview very, very clear."
"I thought it was great! I found it to be easy to follow, interesting, and provided great insights. I will be listening to it again as I get closer to the interviews."
"I found your Deluxe Mental Math and Math Guide Toolkit absolutely useful, concise, time effective and it covers the core math for cases I've been exposed to while practicing - particularly interviewer-led cases which demand a lot of math calculations."
"I would like to thank you for the materials provided in your book and on your website which have been a great help to me. Only 2 months ago I knew very little about consulting and had never done or practiced a case interview. Fast forward 6 weeks and I received an offer to join McKinsey. Using your book and online tutorials as a starting point I began practicing and spent about 6 hours per day on case interviews (video calls with case partners around the world), mental math (the tool on your website is very useful and I practiced about 30 minutes with it every day), preparing the personal experience examples and reading news articles and thought pieces."
"You taught me everything I know about networking. Anyone who puts the lessons in practice has a tremendous advantage in creating a network of friends. Thank you for the giant leg up. "
"Clear, concise, covers the most important points and directly actionable, thanks to very simple templates. Combine this approach with Victor's points on self-esteem for a very effective networking approach."
"You not only covered the important and sensitive aspects of relationship-building, and gave simple, yet powerful techniques, but you delivered it with such a good energy! Somehow I feel interested in networking and relationship-building and can't wait for the right occasion to practice my new skills."
"I learned a lot from the content because the lessons have real world applications in the areas I work in. The Toolkit has made me a better manager, and its lessons will develop CEO-level skills in me. I can definitely say that I now have a better understanding of the higher order, cross-functional implications of decisions made at the corporate, divisional & functional levels.
The Toolkit has improved my business acumen and judgement, and this is ultimately what I was hired to bring to the business."
"The financial & Data analysis toolkit anchors you in fundamental understanding of how CFO, CEO’s and department heads look at different aspects of financial metrics. In particular I found the walk through of scenario based What If Analysis to be quite useful. I found the financial data analysis toolkit in combination with the ultimate consultant toolkit to be a complete effective guide grounded in reality with practical industry experiences. It sharpened my focus on how to deal with C-level executives and more importantly on what not to do. Thank You."
"Your training program gave me familiarity with the data analysis tools and process. It helped me develop something of a street cred with the marketing analytics team at Wells Fargo. And while their data sets are larger and their analytics tools are industrial strength, the approach is similar. Further I was better equipped to ask questions and 'quality assure' the effort. Thank You."
"Thanks again for another well-structured, straight-to-the-point seminar! "
"It was a very interesting class. I love psychology and love it more when its complex concepts are explained by breaking them down into more consumable sub definitions, same way as with business problems and needs."
"Your class was life changing! It was truly amazing. The concept of self-esteem has always been quite elusive to me. I was super impressed by the detail you covered in the slides. I was surprised by the amount of detail and meticulousness. The talk addressed all my questions."
"Your class on Gravitas was outstanding experience, it was eye-opening for me from multiple perspectives. I understood and deeply absorbed the idea that gravitas isn't your job title or an official role in a team, but strategy which you use to influence others and become influential regardless of your official position in hierarchy of an organisation or a project team."
"I just completed your course on Gravitas. I wanted to thank you and let you know it was the best money I've spent in awhile. I'm an African American working in strategy typically for advertising agencies; an under represented demographic in the industry. This course has shed light on my areas of opportunity and also what to continue doing.

From a social standpoint, I must highlight your ability to provide a tool that evens the playing field for groups unfairly perceived as incapable. I'm looking forward to more of your communications and products in the future. Each piece I have engaged with has had significant impact."
I've only had the chance to watch two modules, but I can say that I'm already seeing results! The question framework has a huge shift in being able to schedule follow up meetings. And my confidence and congruence has increased because the phone calls end with such praise from my prospects. I anticipate being able to close my first sale very soon! I'll follow up. Thanks again Victor!
"The “How to sell your Ideas in an everyday life” training brought my sales skills to the next level. The PCNS Framework not only helps me to understand customers better it also enables me in formulating and providing solutions customers really need. Therefore I started using the framework in all sales situation at work - and: it's working.
All of your trainings provide such a great foundational understanding of a complex topic broken down in easy parts which is always a starting point for further research and development in a specific topic. I really enjoy all of your trainings.
Thank you so much for all your valuable content."
"I really appreciate Victor’s content: in-depth, simplified while keeping its main nuances and logically laid out answering every question you may have. He overdelivers! Thank you creating a huge value. I am a big fan and long-time follower of Victor (and not even his target audience of consultants). But immensely enjoy learning from an incredible person and such a high-achiever! "
"Thank you for the Personal Branding class that just finished."
"As with every course I have done with you, the insights go far beyond the topic covered and I'm grateful to you for teaching this."
"Hello, I purchased the program to learn more about the EQ. I just finished going through the 4 module this past weekend. I thought it was really good and very well structured. What I found out was that I am doing many of the techniques you mentioned in your video but I was not aware I was doing it. Now that I know I am have some of the skill sets already, it is just a matter of practicing and being conscious in using them when appropriate. Many of the times you talked about not only works for real world work places but I found out that it is actually transferable to personal relationship as well."
"I found the course very helpful because you include detailed practical guidance on how to apply the material. For example, asking yourself every hour what you are feeling at that moment to increase emotional awareness, and suggesting an app to actually ping yourself every hour."
"I am writing to share the good news that I have received an offer from BCG SF. I don't believe I could have done it without all the resources that you provided on your website"
"I am extremely grateful to the material you have provided and am ecstatic to inform you that I have been selected as an associate at McKinsey freshly out of my MBA on my very first attempt. Thank you for the material provided."
"I have recently been offered an internship from BCG. I want to thank and credit you Victor, for helping me get into the job that I want to do. Thank you."
"Thank you so, so much for all the materials you have taken the time and effort to create. I received and signed an internship offer with a strategy consulting firm last fall for the coming summer. All of this has been possible due to the support and help of many people and resources, of which you and your case-prep materials are definitely among the first and foremost."
"Thank you being a coach to myself and so many of your other readers. Your courses helped me earn a role at McKinsey, where I am a 0+4 BA. When I receive phone calls from prospective consulting hires, I ask them if they've heard of Victor Cheng, and recommend they take a look at caseinterview.com. As I continue to develop my career and personal life, I plan to continue to use your materials, read your newsletters, and learn to grow. Thank you then for all you've done to help me get where I am today, and for what you continue to do to help myself and the rest of your readers grow."
"I got a McKinsey offer in the Boston office on Friday (three days ago) Tons of thanks to you (I used all your resources, in some form or the other). Thank you for putting all that information out there!"
"I believe strongly that your material is what helped me land my consulting job at a top 10 firm in Europe. Your resume toolkit was very helpful, in particular the resume rewrite videos. These formed the basis of my resume rewriting process. The methodology was great."
"I received six offers–from McKinsey, BCG, Booz, Deloitte, A.T. Kearney, and Marakon. Everything Victor said was right!"
"Victor has put me in a very difficult position–now I have to decide between offers from two of the top three consultancies!"
"Without Victor’s help, I never would have gotten an offer from BCG. What he teaches really makes the difference between getting an offer and not."
"After following Victor’s guidance, I had a complete breakthrough in my case interview performance and got an offer from Monitor."
"Rather than ‘teach to the test,’ Victor teaches you how to think like a consultant. It’s an approach that required me to memorize nothing more than a few simple business ideas yet allowed me to perform well in the case interview regardless of the type of case I received. I could not have gotten my BCG offer without his help. Thank you, Victor!"
"Victor taught me how to prepare both technically and mentally, and this is what makes the difference between him and the competitors. Without his help I probably wouldn’t have gotten the offer from BCG. Thank you, Victor Cheng!"
"Your resume toolkit helped me get interviews with some of the biggest companies in Canada"
"The Toolkit was extremely helpful! It really helped me to structure my cover letter well. I was very satisfied with my work; it felt like a truly specific/personal cover letter. I sent my final draft to friends who are/were consultants and they gave me fantastic feedback. Overall, I'm extremely glad I purchased the toolkit! Thank you for the great material."
"My cover letter was one that would be easily ignored by consulting recruiters. In Victor's Consulting Cover Letter Toolkit I identified all characteristics of both successful and unsuccessful cover letters. Seeing how successful candidates constructed their cover letters and building on Victor's precise advice I created my cover letter based on all the rules mentioned in the program. Honestly, without such an eye-opening program allowing me, as a candidate, to understand the mind of the recruiter, I would have been searching around without being even close to identifying what I did wrong all the time. "
"I am happy to share that I have received the offer from Mckinsey. Thanks a lot for all the help. Practice with the coaches really helped to improve my case skills."
"Final rounds went very well last Friday - got the offer 20 minutes after the last interview! Thanks for all your help!"
"I got the offer from BCG!!! Can’t tell you how happy I am that all this hard work has paid off. I wanted to let you know because you were instrumental in helping me along my journey both with casing and with tips and personal guidance. I definitely could not have done it without you. Thanks for everything and I really appreciate your help!"
"In brief, the resource was an extremely insightful look into the mind of the interviewer. I really enjoyed hearing the views of the panelists. There were 3 main highlights for me;
1. There are really common themes or indicators that interviewers pick up early that shape their impression of the candidate. You have made this point before, and it was confirmed by the panelists.
2. Preparation is key.
3. Interviewers are HUMAN! While this may seem silly, for a candidate like myself, it's a relief to know there is room for genuine interaction outside the 'work' of the interview, and that this interaction is looked upon favorably.
Thanks again Victor, I really found this offering very helpful."
"Very good and informative, as expected. Consistent with and builds upon what Victor notes in his book and emails "
"Your resources (LOMS, case interview math and success stories/emails) that I've been using for the last 5 months have enabled me to finally get an offer from LEK for the life sciences specialist role! Thank you so much! I was literally starting case prep from a sub zero standard. I listened to your LOMS videos almost every single day while working, over and over again. I found that re-listening to them really helped me learn something new each time and/or reinforce points about structure and synthesis, which I would then incorporate while solving cases. Thank you once again!"
"The class on Networking Effectively not only provided a new (and more effective) framework to approach the issue, but it also gave me actionable ideas that I put into practice literally the next day."
"I would recommend this for anyone interested in the art of conversation. I was both surprised and happy with this and I gained a thorough understanding of how the 'pros' network and how they want us to network with them. I would recommend this to anyone whether they are already a professional or just beginning their career."
"Changing the focus from the despised networking paradigm to building relationships has been like turning on the lights in a darkened room. I feel a very real sense of purpose and a renewed focus of service to people that are an important part of m professional and personal life."
"Thank you for the webinar! Another excellent material for career advancement.
The content in each module is great! I made many notes and I'll probably go through the modules again and again with time.
Keep up the GREAT work Victor! You are a fantastic teacher and mentor!! I also see you as a role model."
"Your industry toolkit has been very helpful, especially for someone like me who works in the sciences (pharma) and spends most of my days in a lab, not exposed to upper management. All of the videos had valuable nuggets of wisdom, and I think every now and then, I will have to re-watch or re-read them. One of the great things about the Industry Toolkit is how you give very specific examples and situations, and not just talk in the theoretical. It makes your lessons very relatable."
"For a person like me who does not have much of financial background, this tool kit has been really helpful for me to learn how corporate works financially, and what you taught on excel is also practical that I can use at my work daily. I just want you to know that this might be the best $300 that I ever spent on something that can truly enhance my corporate work experience and that help me to grow down the road. Thank you, Victor and Team case interview!"
"It was a well structured, elegant presentation with clear definitions and messages. As a father of three, this lecture is very important not only for my personal progress but to guide the development of a healthy confidence of my children as well."
"Your class was impressive. There was so much to learn and capture that I plan to go through the videos at least few more times."
"Once again, great stuff & material from you! I never considered Self-Esteem to be a topic of interest but since reading about it from your emails, SO letter and now this class - it truly feels like I was missing the whole point by not thinking about this ever. "
"The Gravitas program is a very thorough program, and very actionable. I am glad I took it."
"My journey has started and now I thrill when I'm invited to meetings because every meeting after taking your Gravitas class I see as learning opportunity to master interpersonal skills and build my gravitas. Thank you so much! Please, keep doing great job for as long as you can and continue to inspire all of us."
"I really enjoyed the program (went through it twice actually). I just changed jobs and am super excited to try out your advice in order to get off with a great start. I've also been able to use some of the advice in my personal life, which has been greatly beneficial as well. 
 All in all and as always with your programs, I'm very satisfied."
"The program was very useful and very thorough. Your program helped me overcome objections, better structure sales calls and get more clarity of what I should be getting out of each sales call. You provided a great selection of books to follow-up on. I think your course assisted me to improve my questions and behaviors when meeting clients. Great stuff, I am one of your fans, your material really helped me professionally. Keep it up!"
"How to sell program allows me not to contextualize every situation and have got me into practice of active listening. Most importantly, it has helped me to ask the right questions at the right time before giving my point of view
I'm okay for you to share this feedback. Thank You! "
"Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge. You've helped me in many ways since I found you online back in 2011, and the How To Sell program was no different. I am a 31 years old entrepreneur from Brazil and even though still haven't finished the course, I was able to extract massive value out of it, in ways that helped me not only gain more out of possible transactions (sales related or not) but also remove internal conflicts that could otherwise get in the way of my own development and professional self-esteem.
Taking your "How to Sell" course advices feels like being one step closer to you, one of my lifetime mentors. If you feel like it, you can share my testimonial. It would be a pleasure, actually, to pay-it-back some of the value you provided me over time."
"I found the program very helpful for two primary reasons: It provided a useful framework for being able to analyze my EQ and identify areas that would deliver the most benefit from improvement It provided pragmatic steps to improve in those areas I primarily used the transcripts as I can read faster than anyone can talk, with the use of the slides for section 3 to help with the body language points. I greatly appreciate the summarized notes from the program as well for reference, although I also type up my own outline of learnings in order to ensure I am really absorbing the material and to help with recall later. I also greatly appreciate you sharing your personal story, as it helps to see that you too have struggled to improve skills in this area. It sounds like you have had a challenging life in many ways, so I am glad to hear that you have been able to reflect on it and learn from that to help yourself and others. You are doing great work that is highly valuable - please keep it up!"
"Your materials were instrumental in my success with the firms I interviewed with and landing an offer at McKinsey in Denver, my top choice of firm and place to live. Thank you for your thoughtful and complete programs!"
"I wanted to write you a quick note to express my gratitude and appreciation for your materials and support of the U.S. military! I recently received offers from McKinsey and BCG and could not have done it without your resources!"
"I am extremely grateful to the material you have provided and am ecstatic to inform you that I have been selected as an associate at McKinsey freshly out of my MBA on my very first attempt."
"I would like to send you my most sincere thanks -- for your incredible website. Thanks to you, I have received an offer from McKinsey as a student assistant in the Copenhagen office as only a 1st year bachelor business student! Thank you again."
"Thank you so much for all the effort you put in creating such a great platform for case interview preparation! Needless to say how much all the materials you provide are useful to prepare for interviews in Management Consulting. I clearly doubt I would have gotten an offer from McKinsey without your help."
"I received offers from McKinsey (Singapore) and Bain (China) during the past recruitment season. Without your materials, it would be impossible for me to get the offers. I have decided to accept McKinsey's offer which gives me more opportunities to work on public sector projects. Thank you again."