Below is a success story from a student that received offers from both McKinsey and BCG. The student shares her tips on how hard work and preparation are the keys to case interview success.

Success Story

Hi Victor! I was just offered positions at both BCG and McKinsey!! The firms are now in the process of “wining and dining” me, and for a kid who has never seen any significant amount of money, it’s really exciting. I just received McKinsey’s offer, and factoring in bonuses and their generous retirement contribution, it’s about $90k; my family’s income right now is slightly over $25k. I will be able to help my mother financially.

Even 10 days before my first round interview with BCG, I had zero case interview preparation experience. I read Case In Point and scoured the internet for preparation help, and thankfully I came upon your website!

Your workshop was very helpful, as were the printouts. I brought the page detailing the Customer-Product-Competition-Company analysis everywhere I went and studying that helped me ask the right questions during my interviews.

While Case In Point certainly helped, I honestly found it too complex and difficult to use in live cases; your “system” was more user friendly, as I was able to incorporate elements from Case In Point and my own experiences to form my own “Case Guide.”

My advice to those reading this website is to study and consume all resources related to case interview preparation. You cannot control how naturally good you are, but you can outwork and outstudy everybody else. And let Victor’s guide be the foundation on which you add pieces that work for you; with such solid fundamentals, it is difficult to go wrong!!

Thanks so much, Victor, for everything. You helped make my senior year of college more enjoyable, and the investment in my education seem (more) worthwhile. Keep up the great work!