Consulting Internship Secrets: An Intern's Guide to Landing a Full-Time Job Offer

One of the keys to succeeding in a consulting internship is to avoid making a big mistake.   My program, Consulting Internship Secrets (An Intern's Guide to Landing a Full-Time Job Offer), helps you identify the "unforgivable" mistakes and teaches you how to avoid them. In the program, I also teach strategies for excelling in your internship and converting it to a full-time job offer with the firm.

Consulting Internship Secrets is a training program designed specifically for new consulting interns that covers all important aspects of securing a full-time job offer after the internship.

The investment for this program is a one-time payment of $247, or 3 monthly payments of $97.

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The program consists of 8 hours of videos covering specific skills needed to succeed as an intern. Here is an overview of the material so you can see what you’ll discover in this program:

  • A step-by-step process for understanding the consulting industry's culture, how to learn the culture for your firm and your client... quickly.
  • An understanding of what consultants actually do and how to allocate your time & focus correctly
  • How to assess your own skill levels before your internship starts, and how to learn key skills you'll need
  • Strategies for using the best-practice daily rhythm and routine so you can make and hit the right daily goals
  • Tips on adopting the frame of mind of a seasoned consultant and how to use it daily
  • How to deliver high quality work (and know how quality is defined in consulting)
  • Learn how to join a pre-existing project team effectively and how to recognize when the process isn't working and how to fix it
  • Very specific instruction on how to deliver "zero defect" documents
  • How to identify and communicate the actionable insight
  • How to "manage" your manager in the performance review process (Hint: this starts in week #1 of your internship)

Consulting Internship Secrets (An Intern's Guide to Landing a Full-Time Job Offer) is a one-day crash course for new consulting interns on how to secure a full-time job offer.  It is really a form of career insurance. This a very inexpensive way to ensure you will keep the job offer you've been offered (as an internship) and convert it to a full-time offer when the internship ends.

This is a downloadable program and includes:

  • Video files that cover about 8 hours of video in mp4 video format
  • Transcripts of the videos in pdf format
  • Slides in pdf format
  • Reading List

It also includes these bonus items:

  • 54-Step Checklist for "Perfect" Excel Spreadsheets
  • Excel Model Template
  • 68-Step Checklist for "Perfect" Powerpoint Slides

After you order, you’ll get access to all files within 10 minutes.

Consulting Internship Secrets is a one-time payment of $247, or 3 monthly payments of $97.  The program comes with a 30-day money-back guarantee so you can try the program without any risk for 30 days. And if you’re not satisfied for any reason, just let us know and we’ll issue a refund, no questions asked.

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