Discover What Interviewers Really Say About Your Performance after a Case Interview

What do interviewers really say about you after your case? What are the kinds of things they are forbidden to say to you directly (that you really wish they could, and you really NEED to hear)? Wouldn’t it be so much easier if you could just read their minds and know exactly what they are thinking?

Recently, I hosted a roundtable discussion on that exact topic. This discussion included a panel of case interviewers consisting of myself and three other case interviewers (that have collectively worked as interviewers at McKinsey, BCG and Bain). Between the four of us, we have conducted well over 1,500+ case interviews, and have been on both sides of the interview table.

To my knowledge it is one of the few times (possibly the only time) a group of very seasoned case interviewers with experience at all three top firms have spoken so openly and so brutally honestly about what we really think about candidates and their performance.

It was a delightful roundtable discussion, unlike anything I’d ever participated in. My take on the case interview is slanted by my time at McKinsey. I don’t know the inner workings of BCG or Bain. What was astounding to me was how much commonality each of us had in our perspectives.

I remember the part of the discussion we had about what drives us absolutely crazy with candidates.

It was one of the most animated discussions I’ve ever seen and participated in with ex-consultants. In short, the things that piss us off as case interviewers seemed surprisingly consistently across firms.

This discussion and more are part of my Insider Secrets program. This program is a unique opportunity to get the inside scoop on the case interview from the perspective of the interviewers — what they look for, what their pet peeves are, what impresses them, and what doesn’t.

Insider Secrets Program

  • Insider Secrets Program

Read what some of our 120,000 students have to say:

"I had enough time to watch your tips interview before the first case and I'm certain it helped me survive. I made it through 7 case interviews with only your two case structures, videos, and Insider Secrets.
The concepts in Insider Secrets really gave me insight in what not to do and to really focus on thinking out loud, asking enough questions and that most importantly and much like life, the end is not as important as how you get there. I think that paid dividends especially when the difficulty level increased.

Thanks for all of the info and thanks for making the nuts and bolts of a case interview very, very clear."
I thought it was great! I found it to be easy to follow, interesting, and provided great insights. I will be listening to it again as I get closer to the interviews.
"In brief, the resource was an extremely insightful look into the mind of the interviewer. I really enjoyed hearing the views of the panelists. There were 3 main highlights for me;
1. There are really common themes or indicators that interviewers pick up early that shape their impression of the candidate. You have made this point before, and it was confirmed by the panelists.

2. Preparation is key.

3. Interviewers are HUMAN! While this may seem silly, for a candidate like myself, it's a relief to know there is room for genuine interaction outside the 'work' of the interview, and that this interaction is looked upon favorably.

Thanks again Victor, I really found this offering very helpful."
Very good and informative, as expected. Consistent with and builds upon what Victor notes in his book and emails

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The Insider Secrets Program consists of an audio recording of our entire 2+-hour roundtable discussion, plus the transcripts of this conversation, and a handout with the Summary of Key Discussion Messages.

Other insights and answers shared in this program include:

  • What Mistakes Drive Interviewers Crazy
  • How Long Into the Interview until Interviewers Know if a Candidate will Pass or Fail
  • What the Best Candidates Do that Other Candidates Do Not
  • What Mistakes the Worst Candidates Make
  • The Importance of First Impressions (and how to make a strong one)
  • What Expectations Interviewers Have for Undergrads vs. MBAs
  • How to Start the Case Strong
  • Advice for the Analysis Stage of the Case

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Insider Secrets Program

  • Insider Secrets Program