Ultimate Industry Toolkit: How to Excel as a Rising Star in Industry

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Ultimate Industry Toolkit
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Ultimate Industry Toolkit


Ultimate Industry Toolkit


Read what some of our 120,000 students have to say:

"I learnt a lot from the content because the lessons have real world applications in the areas I work in. The Toolkit has made me a better manager, and its lessons will develop CEO-level skills in me. I can definitely say that I now have a better understanding of the higher order, cross-functional implications of decisions made at the corporate, divisional & functional levels.

The Toolkit has improved my business acumen and judgement, and this is ultimately what I was hired to bring to the business.

The content in each module is great! I made many notes and I'll probably go through the modules again and again with time."

"Thank you for the webinar! Another excellent material for carrer advancement."
"Your industry toolkit has been very helpful, especially for someone like me who works in the sciences (pharma) and spends most of my days in a lab, not exposed to upper management.

All of the videos had valuable nuggets of wisdom, and I think every now and then, I will have to re-watch or re-read them. One of the great things about the Industry Toolkit Series is how you give very specific examples and situations, and not just talk in the theoretical. It makes your lessons very relatable.

Keep up the GREAT work Victor! You are a fantastic teacher and mentor!! I also see you as a role model."

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