Coming Up in the Strategic Outlier™

May 2018 — How to Manage a Sales Force

The sales force plays a central role in any company, so it’s almost certain that you will at some point either work in sales, work with sales, or work on projects that impact the sales team. To be successful, it helps to understand how the sales department ticks. What makes them different from other departments? What are their main concerns and drivers? What do they worry about? What kinds of tradeoffs and considerations might they typically make? In this issue, we’ll take a deep dive into the sales department and its inner workings, including:

  • What a sales department really cares about
  • The best way to enlist sales department support for your project
  • How to make your proposal “sales force friendly”
  • What to avoid when working with the sales department


June 2018 — Lessons Learned From My Biggest Career & Personal Mistakes

It’s been said, “If you’re not making mistakes, you’re not stretching yourself far enough.” While we often try to avoid making mistakes because we see them as failures, it’s more productive to regard them as learning experiences. Some mistakes are personal and affect few people; others may have a large impact on your organization and others around you. Rarely are any of these “fatal,” even though they may feel that way. In this issue, I’ll disclose my biggest career and personal mistakes, and the lessons they contained. In doing so, we’ll explore:

  • Why making mistakes is more valuable than playing it safe
  • Steps to take to recover from even the most embarrassing mistakes
  • How to find the obvious and not-so-obvious lessons that may be hidden in a mistake
  • How your attitude toward mistakes contributes to their outcomes

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