Coming Up in the Strategic Outlier™

July 2018 — Value Propositions for New Markets

When is a good business idea not such a good idea? When there is no compelling reason for the customer to buy it! In this issue, we’ll look at value propositions, and how to determine if you have a compelling value proposition for a new product or for an established product entering a new market. In doing so, we’ll provide a framework for entering new markets and getting new customers. We’ll discuss:

  • Why most launches into new markets are doomed to fail from the start
  • The difference between supply-side and demand-side thinking
  • The role of cost in determining whether a value proposition will be attractive to your customer
  • The key question your value proposition must address to prompt buying behavior


August 2018 — How to Build Your Own Coaching and Mentoring Skills

Few good employees stay at the bottom of the hierarchy for long. Great performers will inevitably get promoted. When that happens, part of your job is to continually improve the performance of those reporting to you. Or, you might be asked to mentor an employee from another department. In both cases, the most effective way to enhance performance is through great coaching. In this issue, I’ll share what I’ve learned about how to coach, train and mentor others, including:

  • How coaching and mentoring differ from training
  • The biggest mistake new coaches and mentors make
  • What should happen during a coaching or mentoring session
  • How often you should meet for coaching or mentoring

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