Coming Up in the Strategic Outlier™

November 2018 — Decision-Making with Statistics
Most people make decisions emotionally. While that sometimes works out, in most cases, emotional decision-making does not yield the best results. A more powerful way to make decisions is through the use of statistics. What can the numbers — and analysis of them — tell you about the probable outcome of a choice? In this issue, we’ll explore how to use statistics to
enhance your professional and personal decision-making skills, including:

  • Some statistical tools that can enhance your decision-making skills
  • How to choose which tool would be most effective for the decision to be made
  • How to gather the data most relevant to the decision at hand and the tool that will be used
  • How to identify irrelevant data, even when it seems important


December 2018 — How to Plan Your Life in the Next Year
The coming of a new year is a compelling time for people to assess their progress and make new goals. So, it’s become a tradition for us to address this topic in our December issue. This year, we’ll discuss an alternative approach to typical goal setting. We’ll begin by “writing your obituary,” and work backward! This issue includes:

  • The value of looking at your life from a future perspective
  • How to tell if you’re on track toward being the person in the obituary
  • How to use “future you” to inform “present you” on the best course to take
  • A step-by-step process for planning this approach

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