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March 2018 How to Write More Effectively

Good writing is an essential business skill, one that is critical in building a career. But what is good writing? And how does someone become a good writer? Good writing brings clarity to a subject, but that also works in reverse: the act of writing well brings clarity to the writer’s mind. In this issue, I’ll explore the essential link between writing clearly and thinking clearly, including:

  • How to organize your thoughts before you start writing
  • How to structure your writing to accomplish your goal
  • The role of metaphors and how to use them effectively
  • How to get your ideas across to be understood


April 2018 — “Stress” Management

Life is stressful. That is a simple fact. We can no more eliminate stress from our lives than stop breathing. What’s more, how we deal with stress — especially negative stress — impacts our health, our well-being, and our ability to function at the top of our game. In this issue, we’ll explore stress, what it really is, and some tactics to manage it so that it doesn’t manage you, including:

  • The difference between negative and positive stress
  • The emotional root of negative stress: fear
  • How to identify and deal with the fears that are causing you stress
  • The gift behind the worst-case scenario



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