Coming Up in the Strategic Outlier™

August 2019 — Problem Solving: How to Solve Problems You’ve Never Seen Before

In this letter, I’ll share with you how to approach and solve problems that you may have never seen before. Most problems follow certain patterns, and most patterns repeat 80-90% of the time. I’ll teach you the telltale signs and symptoms of those problems and how they adhere to patterns. I will also give you an approach to solving these problems. You’ll learn:

  • A systematic way to make difficult career decisions
  • How to solve timing issues (graduate school, joining a startup, or starting your own company)
  • How to deal with difficult people and relationships in your life
  • How to recognize when relationship problems are solvable and when they are not
  • How to recognize a problem that’s actually a symptom of a different problem so that you can solve the root issue and not just manage the symptoms

September 2019 — Finance: How Finance Departments Work

In this issue, I’ll describe how finance departments work, what the departments’ team functions are, what each team is responsible for, and their role in both the department and company overall. I’ll explain what each team cares about, their personality types, and what irritates them. After you read this month’s letter, you’ll have a grasp on what their function is, why it matters, and more importantly, how to interact with them even if you don’t work in that department. We’ll discuss:

  • The five core functions within finance
  • What CFOs, mid-managers, and finance teams worry about
  • Common career paths to the CFO role
  • How CEOs’ views interact with CFOs’ and the department overall
  • What factors will help you get financial support from the finance department for projects
  • How to internally sell ideas to the finance department, executives, and managers