Coming Up in the Strategic Outlier™

October 2019 — The Art of Managing Risks Wisely

Risk management sounds incredibly boring, but it’s profoundly useful. In this month’s letter, I’ll share my personal approach to managing risks in business and in life. Most people think that the only way to get real reward is with great risk. However, there are times when that relationship is not true. There are times when you can structure a situation so that you have high returns with only moderate to low risks. I’ll share:

  • How to spot good opportunities
  • How to turn regular risk/reward opportunities into ones with high return, low risk, or both
  • How to apply this to financial, career, and relationship decisions
  • Why most Ivy League-educated people get this wrong

November 2019 — Customer Research Tools & Techniques

Customer research plays an essential part in the success or failure of a company. This research allows you to evaluate how the customer feels about your product or service and make improvements based on that feedback. There are several methods for gaining this information, and different situations will call for different methods. In this issue, I will cover:

  • Various tools and techniques to get customer feedback
  • Both qualitative and quantitative techniques that you should be familiar with (some of these are quite simple to use and others are quite advanced)
  • Which techniques to use in which situations
  • Positive and negative aspects of the different tools and techniques