Coming Up in the Strategic Outlier™

December 2019 — How to Have a Remarkable Decade

In this month’s letter, I’ll share how you can create a directional plan for the next decade of your life. Not all decisions can be made at the beginning of a decade. But, there are certain straightforward decisions that you can make now, even if you’re unsure of your long-term goals. These decisions can be made without any additional information or decisions from others. In this issue, I will discuss some of the biggest lessons and insights that I’ve acquired in my lifetime. I’ll share:

  • How to get clarity on what direction you want your life to head in
  • How to set milestone goals that still allow you to be flexible to unexpected opportunities
  • A framework for what key decisions need to be made in what order
  • Why foundational decisions make an enormous impact on the outcome of your decade

January 2020 — How to Resolve Conflict

Whenever two or more people work together, it is likely that, sooner or later, a conflict of some sort will arise. Whether the conflict is over goals, processes, or simply different perspectives, you will be more successful if you can resolve it in positive ways that move everyone forward. In this issue, we’ll explore how to resolve conflict in a way that leaves everyone feeling good about the outcome, including:

  • How to be comfortable with conflict
  • What steps to take to successfully resolve a conflict
  • The key to understanding alternative points of view
  • Methods to generate possible solutions and assess them for workability.