Coming Up in the Strategic Outlier™

September 2018 — Competitive Differentiation

The most effective way to win — in fact, the only way to win — in a competitive marketplace is to differentiate your offering from the others being pitched to your customers. What makes your product or service stand out over and above the competition? If you can’t answer that question, you’re not ready to compete in the marketplace. But, which differentiators matter most to your customers? How much differentiation do you need to gain a competitive edge? In this issue, we’ll discuss competitive differentiation, including:

  • How to look at your product from your customers’ point of view
  • How to assess your competition and what they have to offer
  • How to determine which differences matter and which are nominal
  • A process for determining if your offering is ready for the marketplace


October 2018 — How to Persuade a Difficult, Skeptical Audience

It’s easy to persuade like-minded people, but how do you approach an audience that is skeptical or even opposed to what you have to say or want them to do? Most educated people start with facts and data, certain that the logic will be compelling, and then are shocked when facts, data and logic fail to achieve the desired impact. In this issue, I’ll talk about what it really takes to persuade a difficult audience, including:

  • Why facts have so little impact in these situations
  • Why the most persuasive arguments are emotional
  • How to gauge your audience’s emotions regarding a subject
  • What steps to take to win emotional arguments

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