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When I am contacted by candidates who have made it through the case interview process with a successful offer, often I get emails like the one below with tips for those still interviewing. Field Report: It’s been about 8 months that I was dreaming to write this e-mail to you. Tomorrow I’m joining McKinsey in [...]

MECE is a principle used by management consulting firms to describe a way of organizing information. The MECE principle suggests that to understand and fix any large problem, you need to understand your options by sorting them into categories that are: Mutually Exclusive– Items can only fit into one category at a time and Collectively Exhaustive [...]

Email: I am an MBA student at a leading Indian B-school and successfully secured offers following my AT Kearney interview and BCG interview for their [City in India] office last week. Thanks a ton for all the help in case interview preparation through LOMS and the regular posts sharing others’ interview experiences with all the leading firms. I had three interview rounds each [...]

One of the nuanced skills that I’m noticing some people having difficulty with is the ability to identify the “key drivers” behind a particular business trend. Mastering this skill is not only important in a case interview but is arguably far more important after the case interview — when you are doing real client work. This skill [...]

Case Interview Guide – What is a Case Interview? What you will learn: Learn the basics of a case interview – what it is, how they are different from a regular job interview, who uses them, why they are used, and the types of case interview formats and the difference between them. Topics Covered: What [...]

Case Interview Guide – What do Case Interviewer’s Look For? What you will learn: Learn what skills you need to display in a case interview in order to impress your interviewer. The skills that they are looking for can differ between interview formats,types, and rounds. Topics Covered: Interviewer’s Mindset How to Prep for Candidate-Led and [...]

Case Interview Guidebook – How to Prepare for a Case Interview? What you will learn: In preparing for the case interview, there are a few skills and tools that you can master to help you succeed. These tools are at the core of any successful management consultant’s problem-solving process. Learn what these tools and skills [...]

Case Interview Guide – How Do I Practice for the Case Interview? (Skills and Tips for Successfully Preparing for a Case Interview) What you will learn: Learn skills and tips on how you can successfully practice for your case interview. Topics Covered: Case Interview Preparation and Practice Basics Case Interview Practice Tips Specific Case Interview [...]

Case Interview Guide – How Do I Practice for the Case Interview? (Examples and Resources for Case Interview Practice) What you will learn: Discover the best resources and examples that you can use in your case interview practice. These examples and resources are a must have in order to successfully practice and pass your case [...]

Case Interview Guide – How to Successfully Perform a Case Interview What you will learn: In a case interview your case interview performance determines 80%+ (maybe 90%+) of the interviewer’s decision so your performance is incredibly important to your success. Learn the skills you need and resources to help you improve your performance skills so [...]

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