If you improve your skills by 1% per week, in a year, you’ll have improved well over 50% (especially when you include compounding). If you improve your skills by 1% per day, in a year, you’ll have improved well over 365% (again, with compounding). I love this rule for two reasons. First, a 1% improvement [...]

There’s a quote I heard decades ago: “80 percent of success is just showing up.” When I first heard that quote, it seemed overly simplistic to the point that I dismissed it. However, with a few decades of perspective, I’ve changed my mind on this point of view. I’ve come to deeply appreciate how much [...]

A couple of weeks ago, McKinsey settled a major lawsuit regarding the firm’s work with the manufacturer of OxyContin — one of the key drugs in the opioid crisis that has claimed many lives. The settlement was for close to $600 million, as reported by the New York Times. Here are my thoughts… First, I’m [...]

In U.S. business news, the story of the week is day traders on the Robinhood stock trading app organizing stock trades via Reddit, a social media platform, to buy shares in the public company GameStop, all to make money while taking down Wall Street billionaires and their hedge funds. The above sentence is probably the [...]

The other day, someone in my Inner Circle mentorship program asked me the following: “Victor, how do you manage your information intake to avoid the ‘filter bubble’ and without falling prey to crackpot thinking?” Before I share what I do personally and why I do it, I thought I’d start by explaining what happens before [...]

In watching the recent U.S. presidential inauguration, I couldn’t help but notice 22-year-old poet Amanda Gorman. I think her poem recitation and public speaking performance serves as an example of many concepts I’ve taught in my writing over the years. I had never heard of Amanda Gorman before hearing her speak, so I had zero [...]

When McKinsey client CEOs are asked why they value McKinsey, the word “perspective” comes up a lot. While I remember hearing those words regularly as a consultant, I’ve more recently come to appreciate what those CEOs meant. Perspective is looking at the same information everyone else is looking at, but seeing a different picture than [...]

I first heard of the phrase “cascade of errors” from a friend of mine who was a private pilot. As part of his desire to be a competent and safe pilot of private planes, he regularly read after-action reports of every airplane crash in the United States. His thinking was that crashing an airplane had [...]

Adversity comes in two flavors. The first is a hardship due to an external factor often outside of your control. This is a crisis that occurs due to circumstances or something external that impacts you. COVID-19 and the related economic contraction is a good example of externally driven adversity. The second type is an internal [...]

I was brushing my teeth this morning while doing hamstring stretches with one of my feet propped up on the bathroom counter. I do this every time I brush my teeth. I do this because it’s part of my physical therapy back pain prevention routine. I do it to offset the impact of sitting at [...]

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