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Success Story:

Even though I wasn't applying for a consulting job, I read every one of your news letters, and I'm happy to say I will now work at [XXXX], a super-fast growing startup in the use-our-app-get-a-ride space.

I never submitted a resume through their website, but rather, followed your advice on networking and was able to connect and network with someone who directly referred me to their recruiter. Submitting a resume internally was exponentially more effective than when I applied for other companies online only.

I've been listening to your advice regarding the cover letter, and I knew I had to impress them to even get a chance of getting hired (more than 4 qualified people who were personally referred were previously turned down for this position within the past month).

I did a market study, and created a Prezi virtual presentation, which I presented to multiple people at the company to show them I could fulfill the role's responsibilities by doing the work the position required in advance. Also, in all interviews and written communications with the company, I focused on my most important accomplishments in a humble but noticeable manner. I believe this really pushed me rather quickly through the hiring process.

I also showed them my analytical thinking by creating frameworks based on certain "case studies" given in the interview process (think--asynchronous case interviews). I do not believe they were used to seeing the consultant-minded approach while applying (many who work there are engineers and IB), and I received an offer 1 week after starting the interview process. Although these case studies were conducted separately from the interview, 1 was timed, and the other was due 20 hours after it was assigned.

Thank you again for your amazing newsletters, wisdom, and willingness to help people like me realize their full potential and gain meaningful employment at a young age.

My Reply:

Thank you for taking the time to share your journey, and congratulations on this offer! It's great to see in practice that these principles can successfully be applied in different industries. I'm glad my advice was useful in the process.

Best of luck in your new position!

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