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BCG Internship Success Story:

I would like to thank you for your resources (case interviews website + Look Over My Shoulder®).

It helped me even more than any books did.

Honestly I did not have time to finish reading all the books, so I just glanced through the beginning of Case In Point and practices. I am a first year MBA and I am trying to recruit for internship position.

I heard that an internship position is even harder than the full-time, due to limited space, so I was very worried. My quantitative skill is not that strong and I had to find a way to organize my math so that I can remember where to lookfor numbers.

I had a nervous breakdown during the time I practiced cases because I felt that my learning curve was becoming flat and I did not improve.

I had to stop doing cases for a few days and review what I have done before starting practicing again. My seniors and friends also helped boosting my confident by providing constructive criticism.

Right before I went to interview (three interviews back-to-back) with BCG, I felt like I was at my peak and I did succeed in getting an internship offer from BCG.

Thank you so much for your helpful resources. I really appreciate it!

I will keep on learning from your resources on how to be successful as a new consultant. Hopefully I will be able to show my best performance and receive a full-time offer after summer.


My Reply:

First off, congratulations on your BCG offer, and thank you for sharing your personal story.

In particular, I think it is helpful to know that the recruiting process can be an up and down emotional roller coaster ride.

It is quite normal to have ups and downs, and as you pointed out through your actions... when you hit a rough spot, just step back, calm down a little, and assess where else you can focus to improve.

So the big lesson is: stick to a proven process, ride out the emotional ups and downs, and feel free to step back from the process to regroup when necessary.

I think it will be nice for others to know it does work out.

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