Look Over My Shoulder Program

Listen in on case interviews with 22 different candidates. For each example case, you'll hear from a variety of caliber of candidates. You will hear with extreme clarity the precise difference between case interview answers that got candidates offers from McKinsey, Bain, BCG and other top firms versus answers that got them rejected.

In addition, every mistake made by a candidate is identified in pain staking detail with re-enactments of what the candidate should have done instead. Across the 22 interviews, over 250 different mistake instances (and their "good" habit counterparts) are pointed out. You can hear all of this in the nearly 20 hours of audio recordings or read them in the transcripts.

As a former McKinsey interviewer, I hand selected each case given to illustrate the most common mistakes that lead candidates to get rejected. So you'll hear how three different candidates screw up the exact same case in three very different ways (allowing you to recognize it, avoid it, and get accustomed to the better approach).

This program includes both candidate-led case formats (most common) and interviewer-led / command-and-control case formats (McKinsey). It also includes a 30-day money back guarantee if you do not find the program useful to you. Please keep in mind the value you derive from this program is proportional to the amount of time you put in to use it.

Important Note: This program does NOT consist of any video. It consists of audio and transcripts only. Participants in the recording are ACTUAL candidates (not actors) many of whom are now working in consulting and wanted to protect their privacy.

If video is important to you, do not order this program. If you are concerned about body language and confidence, the #1 way to develop both is to be REALLY good at cases. THAT is the role of this program -- mastering the analytical problem solving process desired by the top firms. If being successful in your interviews is important, this is a valuable resource regardless of delivery format.

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