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This is the official testimonial entry page for my testimonial contest (Contest prizes and rules). This contest has ended. Click Here for Contest Winners.

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To enter this contest, enter your testimonial in the comments form following this post.The criteria I'll be using to judge the winning testimonials include:

1) Factual specificity - A very specific testimonial should include the firm name and countrylocation of the firm from whom you received an offer

2) Testimonial focuses on me(Victor Cheng - as opposed to referencing any specific training video, product or material of mine) and specifically identifies what you learned from me that made the difference in getting your offer(s) and especially any feedback you received from interviewers that supports your point of view.

3) Your Full Name & Company Name - Be sure to include your first and last name, the name of the consulting firmwhose offer you decided to accept and your title. Since I'll be using these testimonials for credibility purposes, I really do need first and last name to preempt any critics from even remotely implying the testimonials aren't anything other than 100% authentic. As you know by now, in the consulting business your reputation and integrity are EVERYTHING.

4) Video format [Optional] -- If you state the above in a You Tube video (with the download video setting enabled) and post the link to your video below, your entry automatically jumps to the top of  the list as all video testimonials will automatically be rated higher than text-only. (But an extremely strong text only testimonial can still win, so don't hesitate to submit either type).

If you're pressed for time, you can submit a text one right now (so you definitely have an entry), and come back later and post a link to your youtube recording later (which will automatically be combined with your previous text). Finally, if you record a video, remember to a) SMILE!, and b) just deliver the testimonial (don't say "this is my contest entry" or the testimonial is unusable for my purposes). Good luck and may the most factually persuasive testimonial win!

This contest has now ended.

Legal Stuff -  (Basically you give me permission to use your testimonial) By submitting an entry, you grant my company Fast Forward Media, Inc. a non-exclusive, worldwide right to reprint or replay your testimonial across any media for perpetuity starting March 1, 2012. By stating your name at the end of your testimonial, that serves as a digital signature indicating that you agree to these terms.


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  • Raj Subramanyam Feb 27, 2012, 8:14 pm

    Title: Sr. Manager, CSL Behring LLC.
    Location: Pennsylvania, USA
    Industry: Biotech, Pharmaceuticals
    Function: IT Application Management

    Testimonial 1:
    Following Victor’s writing can help drastically improve your style of management, communication and thought process. I have increasingly and noticeably been incorporating the three reasons and the MECE concept to tighten my thinking and communication.

    Testimonial 2:
    For a year now I have been learning from and adopting Victor’s style of communication, rationalizing thoughts, synthesizing conclusions and presenting using the ubiquitous three reasons. I now see new respect from my colleagues and senior executives at work. Victor’s coaching has given me the confidence to aspire a move to the Corporate Strategy department within my company.

    Testimonial 3:
    It is one thing to think through something, and another to show that you thought through something. Victor teaches you to write in such a way that people realize how well you’ve thought through something.

  • James Nauss Feb 23, 2012, 1:34 am

    I firmly believe that Victor Cheng’s materials are the best source of information for learning what consulting firms are looking for during interviews and applying those skills in a time efficient manner. I began preparing for consulting interviews about a month before what would end up being my final round interview. I was left very frustrated initially because other popular guides such as Case and Point and the Vault Consulting guide were very difficult to practice cases without the use of a partner. It wasn’t until I found Victor Cheng’s material that I was able to refine my skills to a point where I was able to land a summer associate offer with BCG Canada.

    Over a period of two very intense weeks, I was able to use all of Victor’s materials as a crash course in consulting, which was even more important for me coming from an engineering background. The materials Victor presents really emphasis the importance of hypothesis over frameworks, which was a key factor in my interview success. In addition, Victor not only states what to do in an interview, but why you should do it. Knowing the logic an reasoning behind what consulting companies were looking for made it much easier to answer both fit and case questions in a way that demonstrated my consulting strengths. Finally, Victor’s materials are extremely good for learning how to “ace the case” by yourself. The simplicity in which he presents his materials make it easy to absorb the information, even if you do not have access to live practice.

    Overall, I would say that Victor’s material played a major role in helping me to secure a summer position at BCG, and I would recommend his materials to others, especially those who are going through the case interview process alone.


    James Nauss

  • Francisco Xavier Sotomayor Castro Feb 22, 2012, 8:59 pm

    I have been checking and analyzing Victor´s videos, emails, and website for about 4 years, and since then I can tell you that my skills to master the business case interviews have improved significantly, along with Victor´s new additional coaching services offer on his webpage.

    Caseinterview.com and Victor not only help you on how to follow the structure and procedures to pass the most important job interviews at the elite consulting firms, but also and most important, how to overcome the feelings of failling and the lonelineess of being rejected along the road.

    In addition to these motivating feedbacks and coaching benefits, Victor also suggest that the most important tools to succeed in the challenging consulting world are: PEOPLE´S SKILLS and “THE BLUE COLLAR SKILL” (which means know how to sell your service)

    Thanks to Victor and Caseinterview.com I have gotten to grasp the essentials on how to prepare well on the consulting world, as well as understanding better my guidelines in managing my professional career as a top executive in the future.

    Even though I have not gotten in the top three firms by far, I was able to get into a business strategy department of an international renting car franchise in Ecuador, as a Corporate Account Manager. In this departament I have learned and been able to apply some business case interview scenarios in real life such as entering a new local market with the franchise brand, increase the market share with new services, and analyze why profit,sales and cost have increased, along with getting new corporate clients.

    I know that I am still far away to achieve excellence to be considered a highly skilled consultant, but if the consulting world was not mean to be for me, at least I have the advantage and pleasure to apply the consulting tips such as: sinthesized method, the formulation of hypotheses and extrapolate information.

    Believe me these tips, allow me to think outside the box, and avoid the rutinary management operation skills, that that means a lot.


    Francisco Xavier Sotomayor Castro
    Hertz -Finansauto

  • KP Feb 22, 2012, 9:35 am

    Think OUTSIDE of consulting. You never know what you are gonna learn from Victor. The point is to learn from his mechanism in thinking for oneself and on life, not to mimic the exact actions. For me, his fresh yet broadly applicable advice helped me embark on an entrepreneurial pursuit – something neither you nor I would have expected for sure.

  • Martin Pustilnick Feb 21, 2012, 10:42 pm

    After passing McKinsey’s PST, I went to a case coaching lesson and was among the 20% who hadn’t practiced a case interview yet. That is when I found out about Victor’s page and resources. It definitely helped me get started in case interviews and I took those materials everywhere I went in my backpack to practice.
    Victor’s materials gave me a clear understanding on how to structure a case interview with a highly logical approach, which was always valued in the interviews I had.
    This helped me get an offer from a BCG and a boutique firm, also getting to McKinsey’s last round (I decided to step down as BCG was my top choice).
    After using Victor’s materials I had a better insight of what the consulting world looked like, and with practice and perseverance received the offer I wanted.
    Thanks Victor!
    Martin Pustilnick, 1st year Associate at BCG (Argentina)

  • Usman Malik Feb 21, 2012, 5:29 pm

    I have been following Victor Cheng’s Case Interview lessons for almost three years now. Over this period, I have become quite a Business Analyst and landed a dream Internship as a 3rd year undergrad. If it wasn’t for Victor Cheng’s coaching, I would have been trying to reach a destination without a road map. Victor’s approach is very tactful when solving business problems and his frameworks are very effective and help you organize your thought process. Also, his style of teaching is quite motivational as he understands human psychology that drives successes and failures in life. His lessons are not just about solving business problems but they have also been life lessons for me. Thank you Mr. Cheng, Thank you for everything!

    Best Regards,
    Usman Malik
    Toronto, Canada

  • Brad Hill Feb 21, 2012, 9:04 am

    Hi Victor,
    I’d like to let you know that I am very disappointed that you have held back all the good stuff while writing your new book.
    Of course if you need someone to objectively review your writings, feel free to send a draft my way and I will see what I can do…
    On a serious note, I have thoroughly enjoyed your insights as I prepare for my forthcoming interviews. I have progressed from unconsciously ignorant to at least consciously competent and for that I thank you.
    If you ever make your way down to Perth, Western Australia, drop me a line and I’ll buy you a beer or two to say thanks.
    Good luck in the future and with your book launch.
    Kind regards,
    Brad Hill

  • alessandro agostini Feb 21, 2012, 7:25 am

    Well actually I’m one of the few people who read your post and your books just for sake of pleasure!
    I Know I’m a bit out of scope but this is the only chance I have in which I’m sure you are going to read my long post!So I make use of this opportunity.
    I’m a student and I’ve got two more year before finishing my university. Obviously, I’ve always been interested in the consulting environment but when I discovered your website and your videos, you really opened my mind. You helped me to see the entire business world with a different perspective, not merely the over-discussed world of MBB and co. And this is very valuable for me and for my career(FREE).
    The first email I read during the day is yours and when you suddenly stopped sending me new email with your thoughts, I was a bit worried. And Accordingly I subscribed to your newsletter again with a different email address([email protected]) in order to see if it was a problem or not.
    (seems stupid and probably is!).
    So what I want to emphasize is not your helpful material about consulting(even though is your “label”), but the thoughts you give us about everything in the world.
    The most important thing I learn was about your client friendliness and I’m writing an ebook about that in which I’d like to include some of your advice(they are helpful in any kind of environment).
    Above all, to my opinion every successful person has had a mentor during his life.
    So far I’m not successful, we haven’t meet yet, but I rely so much on your words that if you decide to write a book about “arts”(I’m fairly hate it),I’ll read it. It’s difficult to explain the feeling, I hope this is clear.
    anyway, I sent you an email one month ago in which I was willing to work for you for free. Maybe you don’t remember that, but the deal is always open so it’s up to you.
    Thanks again for the testimonial contest but I’m happy if you just read this post!

    Alessandro Agostini

  • Joe Vieira Feb 21, 2012, 7:06 am

    I enjoyed Victor Cheng’s thoughts immensely. His thoughts shed light on be ethical, quantify by data, and be think out of box. Following those three and you will see more luck coming in your life.

    When I signed up for access to his videos. I wrote the message customer support and requested if I can have transcriptions since I am deaf. With no hesitant, they sent me transcription.

    The message in transcription opened my mind. I worked harder to improve my ability to crack the business case. It has made me a better strategic thinker in personal and professional life.

    Victor Cheng’s articles were an inspiration for me to go bigger and bolder in my endeavors. I become a student of life pursuing strategic thinking related studying Barbara Minto’s Mece to story of Marvin Bower to thought leader in strategy fields.

  • Dan Grünstein Feb 21, 2012, 6:54 am

    My Final Round at McKinsey is scheduled only for March 16, 2012. Can I participate to Testimonial Contest? – Best regards, D.

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