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3) Your Full Name & Company Name - Be sure to include your first and last name, the name of the consulting firmwhose offer you decided to accept and your title. Since I'll be using these testimonials for credibility purposes, I really do need first and last name to preempt any critics from even remotely implying the testimonials aren't anything other than 100% authentic. As you know by now, in the consulting business your reputation and integrity are EVERYTHING.

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  • Dan Grünstein Feb 21, 2012, 6:54 am

    My Final Round at McKinsey is scheduled only for March 16, 2012. Can I participate to Testimonial Contest? – Best regards, D.

  • Joe Vieira Feb 21, 2012, 7:06 am

    I enjoyed Victor Cheng’s thoughts immensely. His thoughts shed light on be ethical, quantify by data, and be think out of box. Following those three and you will see more luck coming in your life.

    When I signed up for access to his videos. I wrote the message customer support and requested if I can have transcriptions since I am deaf. With no hesitant, they sent me transcription.

    The message in transcription opened my mind. I worked harder to improve my ability to crack the business case. It has made me a better strategic thinker in personal and professional life.

    Victor Cheng’s articles were an inspiration for me to go bigger and bolder in my endeavors. I become a student of life pursuing strategic thinking related studying Barbara Minto’s Mece to story of Marvin Bower to thought leader in strategy fields.

  • alessandro agostini Feb 21, 2012, 7:25 am

    Well actually I’m one of the few people who read your post and your books just for sake of pleasure!
    I Know I’m a bit out of scope but this is the only chance I have in which I’m sure you are going to read my long post!So I make use of this opportunity.
    I’m a student and I’ve got two more year before finishing my university. Obviously, I’ve always been interested in the consulting environment but when I discovered your website and your videos, you really opened my mind. You helped me to see the entire business world with a different perspective, not merely the over-discussed world of MBB and co. And this is very valuable for me and for my career(FREE).
    The first email I read during the day is yours and when you suddenly stopped sending me new email with your thoughts, I was a bit worried. And Accordingly I subscribed to your newsletter again with a different email address([email protected]) in order to see if it was a problem or not.
    (seems stupid and probably is!).
    So what I want to emphasize is not your helpful material about consulting(even though is your “label”), but the thoughts you give us about everything in the world.
    The most important thing I learn was about your client friendliness and I’m writing an ebook about that in which I’d like to include some of your advice(they are helpful in any kind of environment).
    Above all, to my opinion every successful person has had a mentor during his life.
    So far I’m not successful, we haven’t meet yet, but I rely so much on your words that if you decide to write a book about “arts”(I’m fairly hate it),I’ll read it. It’s difficult to explain the feeling, I hope this is clear.
    anyway, I sent you an email one month ago in which I was willing to work for you for free. Maybe you don’t remember that, but the deal is always open so it’s up to you.
    Thanks again for the testimonial contest but I’m happy if you just read this post!

    Alessandro Agostini

  • Brad Hill Feb 21, 2012, 9:04 am

    Hi Victor,
    I’d like to let you know that I am very disappointed that you have held back all the good stuff while writing your new book.
    Of course if you need someone to objectively review your writings, feel free to send a draft my way and I will see what I can do…
    On a serious note, I have thoroughly enjoyed your insights as I prepare for my forthcoming interviews. I have progressed from unconsciously ignorant to at least consciously competent and for that I thank you.
    If you ever make your way down to Perth, Western Australia, drop me a line and I’ll buy you a beer or two to say thanks.
    Good luck in the future and with your book launch.
    Kind regards,
    Brad Hill

  • Usman Malik Feb 21, 2012, 5:29 pm

    I have been following Victor Cheng’s Case Interview lessons for almost three years now. Over this period, I have become quite a Business Analyst and landed a dream Internship as a 3rd year undergrad. If it wasn’t for Victor Cheng’s coaching, I would have been trying to reach a destination without a road map. Victor’s approach is very tactful when solving business problems and his frameworks are very effective and help you organize your thought process. Also, his style of teaching is quite motivational as he understands human psychology that drives successes and failures in life. His lessons are not just about solving business problems but they have also been life lessons for me. Thank you Mr. Cheng, Thank you for everything!

    Best Regards,
    Usman Malik
    Toronto, Canada

  • Martin Pustilnick Feb 21, 2012, 10:42 pm

    After passing McKinsey’s PST, I went to a case coaching lesson and was among the 20% who hadn’t practiced a case interview yet. That is when I found out about Victor’s page and resources. It definitely helped me get started in case interviews and I took those materials everywhere I went in my backpack to practice.
    Victor’s materials gave me a clear understanding on how to structure a case interview with a highly logical approach, which was always valued in the interviews I had.
    This helped me get an offer from a BCG and a boutique firm, also getting to McKinsey’s last round (I decided to step down as BCG was my top choice).
    After using Victor’s materials I had a better insight of what the consulting world looked like, and with practice and perseverance received the offer I wanted.
    Thanks Victor!
    Martin Pustilnick, 1st year Associate at BCG (Argentina)

  • KP Feb 22, 2012, 9:35 am

    Think OUTSIDE of consulting. You never know what you are gonna learn from Victor. The point is to learn from his mechanism in thinking for oneself and on life, not to mimic the exact actions. For me, his fresh yet broadly applicable advice helped me embark on an entrepreneurial pursuit – something neither you nor I would have expected for sure.

  • Francisco Xavier Sotomayor Castro Feb 22, 2012, 8:59 pm

    I have been checking and analyzing Victor´s videos, emails, and website for about 4 years, and since then I can tell you that my skills to master the business case interviews have improved significantly, along with Victor´s new additional coaching services offer on his webpage.

    Caseinterview.com and Victor not only help you on how to follow the structure and procedures to pass the most important job interviews at the elite consulting firms, but also and most important, how to overcome the feelings of failling and the lonelineess of being rejected along the road.

    In addition to these motivating feedbacks and coaching benefits, Victor also suggest that the most important tools to succeed in the challenging consulting world are: PEOPLE´S SKILLS and “THE BLUE COLLAR SKILL” (which means know how to sell your service)

    Thanks to Victor and Caseinterview.com I have gotten to grasp the essentials on how to prepare well on the consulting world, as well as understanding better my guidelines in managing my professional career as a top executive in the future.

    Even though I have not gotten in the top three firms by far, I was able to get into a business strategy department of an international renting car franchise in Ecuador, as a Corporate Account Manager. In this departament I have learned and been able to apply some business case interview scenarios in real life such as entering a new local market with the franchise brand, increase the market share with new services, and analyze why profit,sales and cost have increased, along with getting new corporate clients.

    I know that I am still far away to achieve excellence to be considered a highly skilled consultant, but if the consulting world was not mean to be for me, at least I have the advantage and pleasure to apply the consulting tips such as: sinthesized method, the formulation of hypotheses and extrapolate information.

    Believe me these tips, allow me to think outside the box, and avoid the rutinary management operation skills, that that means a lot.


    Francisco Xavier Sotomayor Castro
    Hertz -Finansauto

  • James Nauss Feb 23, 2012, 1:34 am

    I firmly believe that Victor Cheng’s materials are the best source of information for learning what consulting firms are looking for during interviews and applying those skills in a time efficient manner. I began preparing for consulting interviews about a month before what would end up being my final round interview. I was left very frustrated initially because other popular guides such as Case and Point and the Vault Consulting guide were very difficult to practice cases without the use of a partner. It wasn’t until I found Victor Cheng’s material that I was able to refine my skills to a point where I was able to land a summer associate offer with BCG Canada.

    Over a period of two very intense weeks, I was able to use all of Victor’s materials as a crash course in consulting, which was even more important for me coming from an engineering background. The materials Victor presents really emphasis the importance of hypothesis over frameworks, which was a key factor in my interview success. In addition, Victor not only states what to do in an interview, but why you should do it. Knowing the logic an reasoning behind what consulting companies were looking for made it much easier to answer both fit and case questions in a way that demonstrated my consulting strengths. Finally, Victor’s materials are extremely good for learning how to “ace the case” by yourself. The simplicity in which he presents his materials make it easy to absorb the information, even if you do not have access to live practice.

    Overall, I would say that Victor’s material played a major role in helping me to secure a summer position at BCG, and I would recommend his materials to others, especially those who are going through the case interview process alone.


    James Nauss

  • Raj Subramanyam Feb 27, 2012, 8:14 pm

    Title: Sr. Manager, CSL Behring LLC.
    Location: Pennsylvania, USA
    Industry: Biotech, Pharmaceuticals
    Function: IT Application Management

    Testimonial 1:
    Following Victor’s writing can help drastically improve your style of management, communication and thought process. I have increasingly and noticeably been incorporating the three reasons and the MECE concept to tighten my thinking and communication.

    Testimonial 2:
    For a year now I have been learning from and adopting Victor’s style of communication, rationalizing thoughts, synthesizing conclusions and presenting using the ubiquitous three reasons. I now see new respect from my colleagues and senior executives at work. Victor’s coaching has given me the confidence to aspire a move to the Corporate Strategy department within my company.

    Testimonial 3:
    It is one thing to think through something, and another to show that you thought through something. Victor teaches you to write in such a way that people realize how well you’ve thought through something.

  • Warren Cheng Feb 28, 2012, 12:16 pm

    My name is Warren Cheng. I am an associate at the Boston Consulting Group in Hong Kong. While applying to different consulting firms, I have used many different resources – books, interview coaches, alumni connections, various consulting guru blogs…you name it. Having seen and used many of these materials, I can say for sure that Victor Cheng’s material is the most useful in helping to score my offer. And that is for specifically three reasons: his versatile approach, consultant way of communication, and passion for the subject.

    Victor teaches not just frameworks, but a high level of thinking. This way of thinking helped me solve my case interviews disregarding the case type I receive: whether it is an M&A, market entry or turnaround. It requires me to memorizing nothing more than a few simple business ideas. Since I was studying in the US while applying to be in an Asian office, my rounds of interviews are with consultants from both the US and Asia. Because of this, the cases I received ranges from straight forward number crunching to brainstorming with Partners, and on subjects across the continents. I would have long been disqualified if I had stick to simple framework memorizing. Thanks to Victor’s approach, I was able to adapt to different situations while leveraging logic and business sense unique to myself.

    Another asset that I learned from Victor is to communicate like a consultant. It is easy to layout: structure, sign-post and synthesize. But to actually do it in a case interview is another matter. In all the communication with Victor, whether it was email, voice recording or video, Victor keeps reinforcing the consultant way of communication. It was so embedded in me after having gone through his case prep materials that I started talking this way myself. One of the feedbacks I got from a Partner after my interview is that my summaries during and at the end of the case (what Victor calls synthesis) was clear and concise, something that is not common in associate level candidates. Even until this day, after being a consultant for a while, I still talk with the same manner and receive praises for being concise in my communication.

    Finally, I would argue the most influential part about Victor, is his passion for consulting. Victor is not only good at cracking case interviews – he likes solving them as well. Only with passion can someone dig deep into analyzing the entire interview process: from dynamics in the behavioral portion, to techniques and body languages to watch out for during the case portion. Victor’s passion for the subject makes the daunting task of prepping for cases a little more fun. And I would argue that this is the key to my success of getting an offer at BCG – Victor made me like practicing and actually doing case interviews.

    There is no doubt that the road to consulting offer is a tough battle. And I was really fortunate to have Victor be there along side. I could not have gotten my BCG offer without his help.

    Thank you Victor!

    Warren Cheng
    BCG Hong Kong Office

  • Mihnea Munteanu Feb 28, 2012, 3:15 pm

    Hey Victor,

    Here is my video testimonial link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Ta80BJJW1fY

    I’m not 100% sure as to how to allow the “download” option, I could only find the embed option. If you need it set feel free to contact me.

    Thank you again for all the help!

    Mihnea Munteanu

  • István Mag Feb 28, 2012, 5:31 pm

    My name is István Mag, I’m a 23 year old business student and a future first year Associate at The Boston Consulting Group. In the following, I tell the story of how I got my dream offer from the Hungarian office of BCG and especially how Victor Cheng helped my dream come true.
    I think BCG extended me an offer for a lot of reasons, but the fact that I’ve spent at least 50 hours just on reading and learning Victor Cheng’s advice as well as watching his videos are definitely one of them.

    In May 2011 when I got the invitation for the interviews with BCG I felt ready for the challenge due to my academic and professional background. I’ve done the CEMS Master’s in International Management Program with which I spent one semester in Switzerland and I’ve worked almost one year at an M&A boutique in Budapest. Moreover, I’ve taken part in a lot of case competitions- sometimes with success- where I’ve learned a lot about solving cases. In fact, I got the invitation from BCG owing to my performance at the BCG strategy cup.

    So, I felt ready for the challenge but I postponed the interviews by fall 2011 because I was going to do a summer internship at an M&A boutique in London, UK. Luckily, since when I started reading Victor’s emails whilst doing my summer internship I realized I was so far from being prepared.

    Of course, I asked my friends about their experiences and I knew I would have to prepare for the interviews since BCG was my dream workplace, but I wouldn’t have thought that I had basically no knowledge of how to do well on these very special interviews.

    After the realization of lacking the necessary knowledge I dug deeper in the topic, and spent a lot of time going through Victor Cheng’s lessons repeatedly. I copy pasted all the emails I received from Victor into a word file that I was reading all the time. In total the word document is 64 page long… and every word was worth considering.

    Victor taught me how to prepare both methodologically and mentally and this is what makes the difference between him and the competitors.

    As for the methodological point of view, I found it extremely useful that Victor not just described basically every minute of the interview but also explained how you should start and then drive the interview and how you can make sure that you don’t miss points of utmost importance as well as how to draw a conclusion that’s based on a thorough and structured analysis at the end of the interview.

    For the opening of the case, the most valuable was that Victor demonstrated how to clarify the objective and taught how to draw a well-structured issue tree that was essential for solving the case.

    Regarding the middle of the case interview, the tips that eventually turned out to be most helpful were the importance of always comparing the numbers you receive or ask for with previous time periods’ numbers and the competitors’ numbers as well as the importance of being hypothesis driven and the importance of sequential synthesizing.

    With regard to the closing of the case, the form that Victor suggested appeared to be extremely powerful.

    As for the mental preparation, it’s crucial that through Victor’s guidance I’ve understood the interviewers’ mindset better. Moreover, I also managed to lower my stress level by accepting Victor’s comforting thoughts that even if you don’t do well on a case interview, it doesn’t mean that you’re not talented; it only means consulting is not for you, but you can be equally successful in other fields of business and life.

    Since I think I managed to follow most of Victor’s advice I got good feedback after my interviews. Although these were literally my first consulting interviews and I had the chance to do only two mock interviews, I was told it seemed I knew what I was doing, I seemed confident and my thinking process was well-structured.

    In conclusion, although I had been indirectly training for consulting life and interviews for years, without Victor Cheng’s guidance I probably wouldn’t have got the offer from BCG.

    Thank you Victor Cheng! Good luck with everything in the future!

    Kind regards,

    István Mag

  • Daniel Feb 28, 2012, 6:42 pm

    Hi Victor,

    I wrote to you a few months ago thanking you for your help when I received an offer from McKinsey’s Stamford office, but kept it short since as great as gratitude is, long emails are not. As I said then, I consume an unhealthy amount of self-help/improvement/whatever materials and yours are the best (in any category). It is extremely specific and very reflective of reality, turning the unnatural [case] interview setting into a natural one. Now that you’ve given me permission to bombard you, I’m thrilled to help you produce more excellent materials in any way I can, even if I’m just providing a single data point!

    Wish you much success and can’t wait for your future materials.

    Many, many thanks,



    I was a recent Harvard undergraduate. During school, I became fascinated by the great ideas in business, psychology, and their growing intersection–what makes certain people or institutions successful and others not? While the current focus of management consulting was (and is still) less about psychology, I really believed that I would find the experience incredibly invigorating and could even someday help lead the new revolutions in business thinking (e.g., MIX). Full steam ahead.

    Attempt #1 – Failure (Drowning in Information)

    In school, I was a top performer and excellent presenter. I also had significant experience effectively leading large groups of people. And if there was ever an ocean to be boiled, I vaporized it, going through every possible nugget of information on case interviews (including your Case Interview Secrets, which were the most helpful), practicing more than anyone else I knew. However, I failed every one of McKinsey, Bain, BCG, Oliver Wyman, Monitor, Booz, and probably a few others.

    Under the stress of an actual interview, I took nuclear weapons to deal with anthills and completely over-thought each question. I prepared in the most naïve way—the way I had always prepared for things and exactly as you suggested not to—and was sorely disappointed in myself. Looking back, though, at least my consistency was remarkable.

    Attempt #2 – Success (Case Interview Secrets + LOMS = K.I.S.S.)

    It wasn’t until nearly a year and a half later (and well into my current job) that I stumbled on your pitch for LOMS. I wasn’t planning to interview again, but after a few minutes, I knew LOMS could get me the offer: before, I had the best tools (Case Interview Secrets) and enormous amounts of material (all my reading and thoughts), but I was missing the instruction manual. I immediately downloaded LOMS to my phone and listened to it nearly 24/7. By the time I submitted my resume to McKinsey a few weeks later, the entire interview process seemed like a formality—I was that good. What happened?

    1. You showed me what the interviewers were looking for

    With LOMS, you did all the testing for me—what works and what doesn’t? From structuring ideas down to specific speech patterns, I learned to sound and think like I had already been working at McKinsey and that the interview was just another problem-solving session.

    2. You gave me the chance to practice obsessively

    I’m a big believer in ‘practice makes perfect’. With your materials, I was able to practice in the right way as much as I wanted. Before, I didn’t have anyone (even across many friends) who wanted to practice as much as I did, and certainly didn’t have someone who could provide crucial, on-point feedback.

    3. You gave me confidence (now this sounds like a bad song…)

    This is more a corollary of points 1) and 2) because guided practice builds confidence, but it was the deciding factor in my ultimate success.

    The PARADE Method

    The PARADE method rounds out your prep materials wonderfully. With your help, I was able to give such good responses to personal experience questions that my interviewers were actually speechless on several occasions. I prepared for the personal experience interview in three steps:

    1. I prepared a PARADE ‘summary’ for the three or four question archetypes for four experiences (around a dozen summaries). These are what I gave as the initial response to personal experience question.
    2. I broke down each of the four experiences into the 15 – 20 discrete actions or scenes and answered the following questions:
    a. What was I thinking?
    b. What were others thinking?
    c. What did I say and why?
    d. How did others react?
    3. I practiced giving my PARADE summaries in the mirror while filming myself (probably one of the more awkward things I’ve done)

    Positive Externalities

    Since digesting your case interview materials (alone, never mind the HSMC stuff), I have also become a more effective presenter and a more effective thinker. My work has improved so much that senior people are taking notice. In fact, I was recently invited to meet with the former CEO of Goldman Sachs International and he specifically followed up afterward to begin a potentially life-long relationship. These unexpected benefits make me re-realize how deep the advice you give actually goes…I can’t wait for more good surprises!

  • Suo Feb 28, 2012, 7:41 pm

    Apologies, last name for the above.

  • Marine Feb 29, 2012, 12:41 am

    Dear Victor,

    As I was looking to transition from banking into consulting, my past experience and network helped me secure interviews with most of the big consulting firms. But as I discovered after my first interview with Oliver Wyman Finance, this was clearly not enough to get an offer.

    I tried many of the books and training options for case study available online, went through pages of GMAT exercises, asked consultant friends to give me mock case interviews. Everything made sense, I felt comfortable, and yet I still just got to the final round of McKinsey. I was good, but something was missing.

    And then I discovered Caseinterview and LOMS. It was a complete breakthrough. Listening to your cases for hours on end, replaying the great pyramid principles, the mistakes, your corrections, just cleared my mind and organised my thoughts. For one month I spent about 5 to 6 hours a day listening LOMS, while continuing some of the side training and reviewing your case interview secrets. The frameworks and case analytics eventually just became a part of who I was, and I could hear your advice in my head as I solved new cases. From then on I went on nailing every case interview I got with BCG, AT Kearney and Monitor.

    I have been an incredibly happy Senior Consultant at Monitor in London for the past 6 months, and I owe much of this happiness and success to LOMS training. Your advice and tools unlocked my potential and gave me a consultant mindset.
    Thank you.
    M. Serres

  • Mihnea Munteanu Feb 29, 2012, 3:21 am

    BTW – Rough Transcript for testimonial

    Hello my name is Mihnea Munteanu, and I’m from McKinsey & Company Chicago. I’m here to share with you my experience with Victor Cheng.
    In a very short period of time, I went from literally not knowing anything about consulting, coming from a undergrad major that doesn’t often partake in the consulting route to securing job offers with the two top firms in the industry. Victor helps you get a fundamental understanding of what consultants do and the skills needed to succeed in it. Victor emphasized structured thinking, structured communication, and team work. These skills are really the ones that are tested during the case inteview, they’re the ones I use on a day to day basis at McKinsey. What Victor does a bit differently from the competition is that he really focuses on unveiling why and how the interviewer is looking for these skills, and then he demonstrates how you can best show these skills on interview day. For example Victor emphasizes that you really need to communicate your logic outloud during the case. The case interviewers look for this because on the job we do this every day and Victor appropriately puts a lot of emphasis on this aspect. I got a lot of feedback after I was hired at McKinsey that I had done a really great on doing this the case. Even though I had always been great at communicating my thoughts, if Victor hadn’t highlighted this for me as important skill, I probably wouldn’t have focused on showcasing it during the case as much. I think an aspect that really made a difference in me securing multiple offers was the emphasis and the technique Victor put around giving the conclusion to the case. I had a really tough case in one of my interviews where we were jumping around so many different aspects – suddenly I had to tie them all in together. Because I had practiced formulating my conclusions in the way Victor suggested, according to the interviewers, I was the only one to fully beat that case in the entire interview process, at least up until that point. Clearly Victor’s advice was incredibly powerful resource that really helped me structure the conclusion in a concise way I just want to end this by saying that I really would recommend Victor’s advice during the interview process as I’ve seen that they are consistently very high quality resources and they’ve helped me a lot.


    Mihnea Munteanu

  • Puttipath Tasnavites Feb 29, 2012, 5:25 am

    Dear Victor
    My name is Puttipath Tasnavites from Thailand. Without all your help with the LOMS program, I would never be able to receive an offer from BCG. Your LOMS has improve my ability to look at the problem in a structure way and also to find the solution in the best way possible which really differentiate me from other candidates. All the tips you gave are what make the difference between getting an offer and doesnt.

    Thank you so so much.
    Puttipath Tasnavites

  • Dan Grünstein Feb 29, 2012, 11:11 am

    Dear Victor,

    If you click on the link below you will be able to see my VIDEO testimonial.

    I prepared also a TRANSCRIPT version.

    Have a nice day.

    Best regards.

    Dan Grünstein






    Dear Victor Cheng,

    I would like to THANK you for the help you provided to me in my recruiting process and beyond that but also to TESTIFY that your material really helps in various fields. The acknowledgment part is important since it provides the key points of WHAT I have learned through your material and personality. Then, the testimonial actually shows HOW it has worked for me.


    There are 3 dimensions that were impacted during my preparation. I identified them and I would like to acknowledge EACH of these.

    As a PhD student in chemistry, I was not familiar at all with the overall approach of a case interview as opposed to other candidates (i.e. with MBA background) that are usually aware of the general process. This gave me the opportunity to be the most COMPLETE TARGET (receptor) among the customers segments [;-)] of your teaching since I took benefits from EACH 3 LAYERS of the learning process that you shared with us via your different materials.

    Firstly, you FAMILIARIZED me with the CONCEPT of a case interview. Initially, you introduced me to case interview BASICS and MINDSET. Then, your FRAMEWORKS helped me to get more SENSE of how to match the RIGHT problem solving approach (structure) to the case. You showed me the relevancy of being both QUALITATIVE and QUANTITATIVE. – Thank you for that!

    The second part was the INTERNALIZATION via learning on a deeper level. In this respect, your method (i.e. LOMS and daily e-mails) helped me to be ACTIVE in the learning process. This is very relevant, since it enabled me to be conscious of the HABITS that I needed to incorporate but also it helped me to BUILD those habits in order to develop a CONSISTENCY in my THINKING (structure analysis) and COMMUNICATION skills (phrasing). – Thank you for that!

    Finally, you helped me to make the DIFFERENCE with other candidates. The automatism mechanisms that I developed following your method allowed me to devote my brain to CREATIVITY and CRITICAL THINKING (out of the box), and my body to ENERGY and STRESS CONTROL during the interview. These values are extremely significant during the case interview. The nuances of your INSIGHTFUL comments forged me these particular ABILITIES that participate clearly to INTELLIGENCE development and improvement. – Thank you for that!

    Victor, the 3-step process I just described is drastically important. Indeed, all together it conveyed a PERLOCUTIONARY act mainly on 2 levels.

    CASE-SITUATION adaptation: Through your teaching material, I developed very specific skills. I have learned WHY and HOW being HYPOTHESIS-DRIVEN. This ability is the main driver that really CONDUCTS all type of case analysis. The hypothesis is the starting point of the THINKING and the DATA-DRIVEN approach shapes that THINKING. Moreover, if I know WHEN to apply and HOW to adapt the STRUCTURE and the PHRASING, then each specific situation can be aced. You helped me to understand this and apply this for my case interviews. – Thank you for that!

    LIFE-SITUATION adaptation: I do think that this specific METHODOLOGY applies in REAL LIFE as well. You conveyed to me your RATIONALE and the ANALOGY with HOW to solve daily issues with a third party, organize my argumentation, and communicate it became obvious. – Thank you for that!

    The last level of impact of your programs is strongly linked with PSYCHOLOGY. And there are 2 additional life lessons I took from you.

    Your personality and web-site policy (i.e. refund policy) contribute to the learning as well. One can learn from your FAIRNESS and HONESTY. You deliver a message but you deliver it in a RIGHT and NICE way. This favors the TRANSMISSION but also can be taken as a MORAL lesson. – Thank you for that!

    The last point I would like to mention is about your advices to OVERCOME rejection or pressure. This is important because you prepare people to the REALITY and how to MANAGE the EMOTIONS. This can be taken as life lesson as well! – Thank you for that!


    I am here to factually SUPPORT that what you teach actually WORKS.

    It works on the CASE-LEVEL because I am getting on a FINAL ROUND at Mc Kinsey in Switzerland. The feedback of my interviewers – I had 3 interviews – were: “We liked your CREATIVITY and ENERGY”. It meant to me that I was developing that DIFFERENCE interviewers look for (third dimension). After familiarization and internalization, I was just enough stressed to convey my CREATIVITY and ENERGY to the interviewer.

    It works on a more GENERAL-LEVEL daily with my colleagues at work – I am still working for my thesis. I am applying the CONCEPTS I have learned with you to DEVELOP my research and ANALYZE my results. It impacted discussions with friends as well. In fact, the QUALITY of discussions I have around politic, science, or economy improved with your orientations upon PRACTISING of your method.

    After all, the interview process is a function of 2 variables: the CANDIDATE and the INTERVIEWER. We can meet all kind of interviewers. Your life lessons really HELPED to be at ease with everyone.

    Thank you for EVERYTHING.

    Dan Grünstein

  • Cosmin Leonte Feb 29, 2012, 12:47 pm

    Dear Victor,

    My name is Cosmin Leonte and I currently not working in management consulting but that is my goal. I work for Unilever Netherlands.
    Through your materials I have learned more than reading any books or guides. Yes, I might not be working in consulting yet, but I practice and apply your tips and hints everyday, not to mention the skills that are required in the industry.
    I gather and I make notes on most of the things you say and people started noticing. I have more structure in my approaches at my current work place and friends told me I should be working in the industry. The way you structure your ideas and present techniques are things that I take away.
    Victor teaches a partner or high ranked way of thinking. Thanks to Victor I am able to structure and infer ideas that are not common at people at my age and rank.
    Victor tells you to act and present like a consultant. Though my work is a little different from a consultant’s, I receive praises for being concise in my communication both verbal and written.
    What I learned from Victor the most is that you have to like what you do, and I like doing this. I am challenged by having mock interviews and by the possibility of joining the industry.

    I have made so much progress without discussing with you so I can only think that the opportunity to be your trainee would only propel my development.

    Thank you very much!

    Cosmin Leonte

  • Zach Jacobson Feb 29, 2012, 5:52 pm

    Dear Victor,

    Your case interview preparation materials helped me land exactly the job I wanted as an Associate at McKinsey & Company in New York. Below is a link to my YouTube testimonial and a transcript. Thank you so much for all you have done with both the dissemination of your techniques and the construction of a community to help those preparing.

    Thank you,
    Zach Jacobson



    My name is Zach Jacobson. When I began preparing for consulting interviews, I realized that my background as a PhD candidate in engineering had left me completely unprepared for the case interview process. So I did my research – I began looking at every piece of case preparation material that I could get my hands on – I bought books, I looked at online materials, studied standard frameworks, looked at consulting club slide decks, you name it. I found that they each had slightly different procedures for how to solve cases, and a lot of them had complicated flowcharts or long lists of questions with advice on what question to ask exactly when. None of them had one thing: none of them taught you how to think.

    That’s when I discovered Victor Cheng’s materials and that’s what makes Victor Cheng’s techniques different. Instead of asking you to memorize twelve different case systems, or what question to ask exactly when, it teaches you how to form hypotheses and then test them. Using this hypothesis driven approach, you’re able to use the information you’re given to ask the right questions that help you find that gold nugget that make you think “hmmm…that’s interesting” that you can use to crack open the case and solve it.

    In my personal interview process, Victor Cheng’s techniques helped immensely. In one case, I was going down a rabbit hole, and I just couldn’t find a solution. Before, I would have been stuck and really not known what to do. But thanks to Victor’s techniques, I was able to go back and look at my previous hypotheses and realize that I had another one that I could test, which ended up being the solution. Overall, Victor’s techniques gave me confidence, and not only do his techniques help in the interview process, but they’re going to help me for years to come as a consultant.

    After my interviews, I was given feedback that I’d solved cases that they hadn’t seen anyone solve before, and I usually had ample time to spare. I ended up getting my dream job as an Associate at McKinsey & Company in New York, and I have Victor Cheng’s technique to thank.

  • Bernardo Clementino Feb 29, 2012, 6:01 pm

    Dear Caseinterview.com readers,

    I started to write this message as a testimonial to deeply thank Victor Cheng for all the guidance he provided me during my interview process for the big consulting houses over the past year, but in the end it looks more like one of the many success stories that he gets from people like me. On my case, by the end of a long and winding process, I managed to secure an offer to work for The Boston Consulting Group in the Helsinki Office – which I have heard to be one of the best offices to work at in the world! – as a Visiting Associate.

    To ideally express how much his work has influenced my life and career, we need to go a bit back in time.

    A couple of years ago I graduated as an industrial engineer in one of the best universities of my home country, Brazil. Back then, I managed to reach the end of the recruitment process in a top consulting company, but failed miserably during the interviews – which were the last stage after 6 other phases on the process. Despite being aware of the concept of case interview, I had no clue of how deep the topic could go.

    The truth is that I was not fully aware of what was being asked of me; and more importantly: what would be the best way to expose my qualities through the case interview format.

    Several months later, I moved to Finland due to personal reasons, and then I joined Aalto University (the school from which about 90% of Finland’s MBB hires comes from) in a Master’s Program in Strategy, without losing my motivation to enter consulting.

    At school, I was introduced to caseinterview.com by a colleague and from that moment on, I would spend some time, almost every day, dedicated to case interviews. The more I read about it, the more fascinated I became with the topic, and the more I understood how complex and deep case interviews can be – and how well they can be used to evaluate a candidate.

    Through this process, I got extremely impressed on how easy Victor makes case interviews seem! When listening to him interviewing someone; the structure of the case, the words chosen, and the way to pose an initial hypothesis looked so obvious and easy that, at that point, it made me extremely frustrated while trying to practice with a partner. I honestly sucked!

    But it was also from Victor, and his frequent e-mails, that I gathered motivation to continue practicing understanding that on this type of interviews, practice DO makes perfect! And here is WHY Victor Cheng made the perfect coach: he is not limited to the nuances of the case interview itself. Victor often, on his material, provided us, members of his community, with great insights on how to write our cover letter, CV, and land the interview. He would even sometimes prompt me, through his messages, to think if consulting is really for me – I am glad to say that it is, indeed!

    From all his material, videos, blog, or LOMS program, I have to confess that the greatest life lessons that I have taken from Victor Cheng, where 3:

    1- Network. Make yourself known by the companies! In my opinion (and Victor’s as well) this is the best way to land an interview. In my case, being a foreigner, it was very tough, but I didn’t give up easily. I ended up creating the first consulting club in Finland. No wonder that MBB’s were very interested in getting to know the 100 students that joined the consulting club of the best university in the country.

    2-Practice (and practice, and practice!): Victor thought me to look at case interviews like in a game: the more you practice, the better you are. Simple equation. From my personal experience I have learned that practicing with a peer gives the best output. This way, apart from simulating the reality of an interview scenario, you also have the chance to interview your colleague and see how easily you can spot mistakes while sitting on the other side of the table!

    3-Don’t Give Up. Once you are sure that consulting is your thing, grab it with both hands. I did not give up after my first attempt a couple of years back. I was for sure motivated by my will, but certainly also due to the several success cases that Victor shared with us about people that, just like me, had failed before succeeding.

    In my case, after networking, practicing for more almost a year, and not giving up, the interviews seemed more like leisure time!

    Interestingly here in the Nordics, BCG does not give feedback in between rounds of interviews. They argue that once the candidates were told to, for instance, smile more, or be more relaxed during the next interview; they would actually behave in an extreme way in order to compensate what was done on the previous interview. This would often cost them the offer. This absence of feedback was then over for me when I was invited to sign the offer. I took my chance, and asked for some sort of final compilation or comments on the whole process. The chief-of-staff was brief and said that these things are usually confidential, so not much could be revealed. One thing though, that he said he could share, was that the interviewers unanimously agreed that my case solving skills were indeed outstanding.

    And this is the true reason why I am writing to all of you this message about how Victor Cheng really helped me get my dream job.

    Thank you, Victor. Whenever in Helsinki, please let me know.
    Best regards,
    Bernardo Clementino

    As an appendix to this testimonial and a bit on the explanatory side, I would like to share with you that the offer I got from the BCG was for a Visiting Associate (VA), which I have understood to be a position not very common in other offices. There is no difference on-the-job between a VA and an associate, apart from the fact that the VA will, after a couple of months, go back to school to finish his degree (approximately 80-90% come back automatically to the BCG as an associate). What is counter-intuitive is the fact that here in the Nordics, the number of candidates for the VA position is significantly higher than for the full time associate – people that are not 100% sure that they want consulting might want to try it as a VA. Needless to say, the number of available positions is also much smaller for the VA role. In other words, it is officially declared by The BCG that getting a VA offer is actually much harder than receiving a full time associate offer! Br, BC

  • Dmitry Feb 29, 2012, 7:07 pm

    So here I am, sitting in my room in the Ritz Carlton hotel in Dubai. It took me about year to achieve my goal – to get into top Management Consulting Firm. In a few days I am starting in Mckinsey office here as a Business Analyst. Looking back I realize that not only I succeeded in the interview process, but I also changed substantially over the last several months. Victor certainly made an impact on my life. I see him as one of my mentors. 2 key things I learnt from Victor:

    1. I learnt from how to ace consulting interviews. He himself and material that he creates are by far the best sources on consulting inerviews that exist. I was given feedback 3 times in between the interviews and each time I was pleased to hear that interviewers thought that I was really strong and they did not even have any improvement suggestions. This kind of feedback helped to keep my confidence high and continue perform well.
    2. I learnt how to use structured analytical thinking beyond case interviews. My decision making process has improved a lot. I now constantly build and review my personal strategy that includes important facets of life – family, social life, health, spirituality, professional development. I believe that this will lead me to a great success and satisfaction.

    None of it, of course happened without hard work. Combine Victor’s advice with actions on your side and you will notice the changes and it will build up over time to create a significant shift in how you see things, how you act upon them and what you finally get.

    Best regards,
    Dmitry Papulin.

  • Jan Krasnodebski Feb 29, 2012, 7:26 pm

    (Received offer from McKinsey & Company, May 2011)

    Victor Cheng is so successful at preparing you for the case and management consultant interviews because he gives you the key, distilled insights into being the most successful management consultant possible. Through his training and advice, you learn to become a star management consultant. Success in interviews naturally follows.

  • Michael Feb 29, 2012, 10:18 pm

    Hi Victor,

    My name is Michael and I’m a senior at Northwestern. We exchanged a couple of emails several months ago when you offered me some much-needed last-minute advice about switching office location preferences from NJ to NY prior to my final round at McKinsey. I just wanted to thank you again for the advice you gave me then and for all of the material you’ve provided to this community over the last couple of years.

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: I honestly could not have done any of this without all of the resources you provided. With the help of LOMS, the hours of free videos on your website , and your many invaluable emails/articles (which I tracked diligently and kept in a separate folder in my inbox), I went from getting only 2 first-round interviews as a junior to getting 11 first-round interviews as a senior, making it to 8 final rounds, and securing offers from each of the six final round interviews that I took at McKinsey, BCG, Booz, Deloitte, AT Kearney, and Marakon, all in New York. I ended up accepting an offer at McKinsey’s New York office, your old stomping grounds, and could not be happier. From what I hear, it’s the first McK NY offer for a Northwestern student in several years.

    Everything you said was right – decent grades and a good set of experiences will only get you so far. At the end of the day, it comes down to the case interview. Your free videos were what got me started in terms of case prep, but LOMS took it to another level. Thinking out loud, being hypothesis-driven, structuring the conclusion, addressing risks – these are all tips that any other case interview prep resource could deliver. However, you are the only resource that DEMONSTRATES how to do these things the right way.

    After listening to LOMS over and over again on my iPod (it became a daily ritual on the train ride to and from my internship), I absorbed everything that I needed to know about how to behave during a case interview. In particular, the latest LOMS update that you issued last fall (about 2 weeks before my final rounds) was absolutely crucial in helping me to get as many offers as I did, especially the second iteration of the car wash case. By showing exactly what constituted a borderline case performance, you highlighted for me the key things that I had to do to take me over the top. In the two weeks before my final rounds, I practice those two or three key things over and over again, non-stop, until they became second-nature by the time I walked into the interview room. Essentially, by wading through the many complexities and nuances of the case interview process, you freed me up to actually operate at my best in terms of analysis, problem-solving, and cracking the case.

    Beyond just case prep, your articles about consulting-ready resumes were also crucial to my success. I followed your advice about getting a brand-name internship during the school year in additional to having great work experiences during the summer. That spring internship actually ended up being the main catalyst for not only my resume, but also for meeting numerous ex-consultants who linked me with former colleagues and for developing meaningful project experiences that would serve as my main stories during McKinsey’s final round personal experience interview and other behavioral interviews.

    Victor, I can’t thank you enough for all the help that you have given to me and the rest of this community. I want to wish you all the best in your future endeavors, and I look forward to reading your book when it comes out. Let me know if I can be of any help to you at any point in the future.


  • Yang Feb 29, 2012, 10:18 pm

    ^last name is Yang for the last entry, sorry about that.

  • Abhi Patangay Feb 29, 2012, 10:44 pm

    Testimonial: Victor Cheng’s was the most useful case prep material I used to prepare for my McKinsey interviews. Victor is effective because he focuses on behaviors and habits that make you successful and not just on frameworks. Unless you have access to McKinsey consultants who can coach you one-on-one your best bet is Victor Cheng!

    Abhi Patangay, Kellogg School of Management, Class of 2013 and McKinsey Summer Associate Offeree 2012

  • István Mag Feb 29, 2012, 11:16 pm

    Hi Victor,

    Here’s the link to my video testimonial:


    I also didn’t know how to allow downloading, but I hope it’s fine this way. If it doesn’t work, or you cannot download it, please let me know such that I can make the video available for you in another way.

    Many thanks,

    Kind regards,
    Istvan Mag

    FFY Associate BCG Budapest

  • Andrew Chau Mar 1, 2012, 6:57 am

    Hi Victor,

    It’s been a while since we’ve interacted (a little more than 2 years ago). Here’s my testimonial that I hope will help your credibility (albeit a day late):

    “With the help of Victor’s guidance, among other things, I was able to secure and accept an offer from BCG. I stumbled across Victor after my 1st round interview with BCG in Canada. I had used the various guides to make my way through 1st round, and after receiving feedback, I needed more structure for the next round. Victor’s character and dedication to seeing others succeed contributes significantly to his students’ successes – and also makes cases much easier to analyze.

    Victor’s methodology was not so much to memorize multiple frameworks, but to memorize 1 thing – to segment the problem at hand! When it doubt, segment! I will always remember that, because it applies to every single business issue in the world – that’s where the root of analysis comes from. Victor is able to engage with his students, especially me, since I continue to keep up with his newsletters and emails that he sends out.

    Coming from a small-town, non-top tier business school, and ending up at a top 3 consulting firm in the big city (and now consulting for the United Nations), I highly recommend Victor to anyone looking to first get into, and then succeed in the management consulting world.”

    -Andrew Chau
    Toronto, Ontario

  • Daria Mar 2, 2012, 1:01 am

    Hi, Victor!

    I’d like to seize this opportunity and pass you a following testimonial as I think publishing such a book is super decision!

    I’ve been searching any decent information on how to realise my dream and join one of the biggest consulting firms here in Russia when I’ve bumped at your site accidently. I’d like to thank you for all your unvaluable materials, time, efforts and cheer which you usually share throughout your mail-outs and materials. It’s awesome job actually!

    I am a great fan of your on-line project as I like teaching-by-example way of explaining something to people. It’s reminded me the way which my old math teacher used to help 60 children to join best Moscow universities (which are presumably best in the country) on a yearly basis for recent 20 years (it’s significant number for quite small town with a population of 170 thousand people). Once I’ve grasp you teaching style I’ve suddenly tied it up to my previous experience and as it was lucky enough I do believe my dream will come true in the end. My old teacher (he is now about 70 y.o.) did similar thing: he let every student who managed to enter the top universities share their experience, information about special informal requirements and feelings (mostly the spirit of victory), he even organized us in groups on the basis of the institute where we are going to take an exam and gave us tips on both emotional and intellectual sides of exams, and how to succed then in university and get on the top. He kept saying that he is restructuring our brains.

    1. Now I understand the reason why this approach is so fruitful. Once knowledge base, methodology and network are established it starts evolving into the self-adapting growing organism when grapewine is working with 100% efficiency. Once recruiters comes up with something new you know it as soon as you sudents face it up. So your bank of wisdom and experience is automatically renewed. This unique technology differentiate your materials from all other materials in the world devoted to case-solving and entering big world of consulting.

    2. Moreover, important things you are «teaching and preaching» are 100% proven by practice (= empirically tested not hypothetical).

    3. With your help I’ve unexpectedly found out that to join top consulting firm is just as enter a top university. If you are not pure genius you should spend around a year to get ready because there are vast of areas for skills development and improvement: fluent English (for non-English speaking countries), computation accuracy, case-solving, ability to deliver speech in a concise and clear manner, networking and even switching to consultant mindset (total brains restructuring procedure 🙂 ). Because afterwards we have to prove that we deserves working for a well-established brand name and prove the clients we worth of money they are paying for the work of consultants.

    It’s a miracle but your tips and takeaways are passed around just-in-time I have similar question or doubts about something (e.g. Linderella story). It’s a real world where we are living and we have bad times of de-motivation and good ones. But we all (I mean your students) have such a great coach and friend (I guess we all can say it) to overcome all downs and create new ups. Even in industry where I’m working currently I apply your approach for problem analyzing and career development quite successfully so far.

    I appreciate a lot your inspiring «winners’» histories because they prove that the dream is so real, it’s so near and you gide us to it by pure math formula: success is just the function of motivation, hard-working and practicing your instructions and findings.

    Yours sincerely,


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