Testimonial Contest Prizes

GRAND PRIZE- 1 Year of 1:1 mentorship with meThe grand prize winner will receive private career mentoring from me for 12 months. The will will receive a quarterly personal phone call or Skype conversation with me and will receive my personal phone number for up to one "emergency" phone sessions during this time.If you win the contest, I will be there to either help you have a great first year in consulting, transition to a successful first year to your second year, or even plan your next career move outside of consulting -- working industry, attending business school, etc...

SECOND PRIZE- A certificate redeemable for an emergency phone call or skype conversation with me any time in the next 12 months. Whether you've facing a difficult challenge with a manager, partner or client situation, or simply want to work on your own career plan, I can work with you personally to advise you on your goal. This prize will be awarded to 4 people.

THIRD Prize  - Third place winners will receive a $300 credit good towards anything available via the CaseInterview.com store over the next 12 months.

This includes any current or future product or service for you or a friend. And just a heads up that this year I have several new offerings that I will be announcing over the next few months including several geared towards working consultants and professionals in other fields.