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Chasing Dreams

I’m a big believer that everyone should spend at least a portion of their life chasing their own dreams. Whether dream chasing is your life focus, or something you do a few hours a month, it has enormous value. The act of pursuing dreams brings a sense of vitality and aliveness to your life. It’s [...]

This is Better than Perfection

Many of my students strive for perfection. In theory, there’s nothing wrong with this PURSUIT. However, in practice, many people associate validity and self worth with the attainment of perfection. If you achieve perfection, you are a good, worthy human being. If you “fail” to achieve perfection, you are somehow “less than” those you perceive [...]

The Glory of Success or Failure?

Is the following a photo of success or failure? (The answer appears below the photo) This photo I took captures the moment a split second after the Osprey failed in pursuit of its prey. At that time, the Osprey had swooped down to grab an extremely large fish. It succeeded in grabbing on to the [...]

How to Make Impossible Decisions

Over the entirety of my career, I have repeatedly witnessed very smart CEOs and individuals stumble when making one kind of decision… The Impossible Decision In general, most people can decide between two options: An option that is good, and an option that is better. This is often an easy decision to make. Sometimes people [...]

How to Disagree without Being Threatening

In the United States business culture, we have an idiomatic expression called “The Elephant in the Room.” The expression comes from the idea that if you were having a meeting with a bunch of colleagues and there was literally an elephant in the room, the natural response would be to say, “Oh my, hey there’s [...]

Who the Hell Are You?

At social gatherings in major cities in the United States, it is customary to say “hello” when meeting new people. The first two questions most people ask are: 1) What’s your name? 2) What do you do? The first question isn’t surprising. Its purpose is to know how to refer to you by name. The [...]

How to Deal with Irrational People (aka everyone)

When I was at Stanford, I did my undergrad degree in Economics. For a brief time, I considered majoring in Psychology and took a number of classes in that field. During this time, I was always puzzled by an inherent conflict between the fields of economics and psychology. Economics presumes “man” (and woman) is rational. [...]

Why I Hate New Year’s Resolutions

I have never been a fan of New Year’s resolutions — mostly because most people make a habit of giving up on their goals. I like setting goals based on my birthday — a private date that’s just for me and not for anyone else. I used to work in a business that derived a [...]

5,000 Reasons to Be Happy + Deconstructing Happiness

The other day, I suggested a thought exercise around the 80/20 of happiness. I suggested you write down 50 things you were grateful in your life and attempt to do so in 3 minutes. Well several hundred of you did exactly that and posted in aggregate over 5,000 things you were grateful for in your [...]

The 80/20 on Happiness - Part II

One of the wonderful things about writing for my newsletter is appreciating the incredible depth, talent and diversity of my readers. In my last article, I wrote about the 80/20 on Happiness. When you wake up in the morning and also right before bed, think of 3 things you are grateful for. Do this for [...]

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