The Secret of Success Is... Attendance

There’s a quote I heard decades ago: “80 percent of success is just showing up.” When I first heard that quote, it seemed overly simplistic to the point that I dismissed it. However, with a few decades of perspective, I’ve changed my mind on this point of view. I’ve come to deeply appreciate how much [...]

You Win Some, You Learn Some…

Most people see the world through the lens of success vs. failures, or winners vs. losers. While our world certainly has competitive aspects to it, it’s worthwhile to ask the following: Is it useful? Is it useful to think in terms of success versus failure? Is it useful to think of winning versus losing? Regardless [...]

Be Aggressive

When times get difficult, it’s natural to want to step back, play defense, and wait for conditions to get better. This is especially the case when difficult conditions are caused by extreme changes, such as COVID-19. While this is certainly one option for managing your life and career, there is another. It’s the option to [...]

The Gift of Adversity

I spent most of my life thinking of adversity as the obstacle between me and success. Over the last three years, I’ve changed my perspective on adversity. The value of pursuing success isn’t the success itself. The value comes from the adversity that you must overcome in the process AND who that forces you to [...]