rising star

Fact vs. Opinion

One of the first lessons every first-year at McKinsey is taught is the difference between a fact and an opinion. The worst thing you could do at McKinsey was present an opinion as if it were fact. If you did this in front of a partner, the partner would never want you on another project. [...]

How to Be a Rising Star at Google

Several years ago, Google decided to do a “big data” analysis on a very interesting data set. They decided to analyze their human resources database. They wanted to know what kinds of Google new hires end up being promoted and becoming the leaders of the company. The idea was to figure out what’s working, and [...]

Google Analyzes Promotions

Most people know of Google’s exceptional skill in hiring a bunch of rocket scientists to deliver incredibly useful search engine search results. Recently, they decided to data mine their own employee reviews and promotions database. The goal was to quantitatively determine what factors got people promoted in Google to become managers and leaders within the [...]

The Right Tool for the Job

The other day I was assembling a basketball hoop for my girls. I had played when I was in high school, and the girls have suddenly starting showing an interest. As I was putting things together, I ran into a small problem. To keep the backboard smooth, the fasteners that connect the backboard to the [...]