Circle of Influence

In planning your career, you’ll be faced with a key decision… who do you allow to be close enough to influence your career thinking? I call this deciding on your Circle of Influence. This is a profoundly strategic question. When you keep people outside of your circle, it means you’ve made a conscious choice not [...]

The Solution to Any Business Problem is...

I’ve had many mentors throughout my personal and professional life. I’ve had several mentors, but one in particular who taught me how to write persuasively. While he has since passed away, his legacy lives on in his writings. He believed that… Nearly any business problem could be solved with the written word. Need to hire [...]

The Best Idea Doesn't Always Win

In many corporate cultures, the validity of any idea is often dependent on the authority level of the person who said it. The best idea doesn’t win. The idea that came from the boss’s mouth is the one that wins. The problem is that sometimes the boss is wrong. This is one reason why one [...]

Existing vs. Thriving

One of the single most useful skills in life and in career is the ability to tolerate turbulence. The easiest way to avoid turbulence is to never get out of bed and never try to do anything meaningful. When you take this approach in life or career, you risk nothing. You minimize your chances of [...]

Intentional Discomfort

The late Earl Nightingale, the godfather of the self-improvement industry, had a great quote that really resonates with me. It goes something like this: When you’re not sure what to do, look at what everyone else is doing — and do the opposite. If you want to be in the top 5% of your field, [...]

Lessons from my Mentor

One of my earlier mentors built a company from 30 employees to over 10,000 in 10 years. He took a small business into the Fortune 500 in under a decade. I had the great privilege of sharing an office with him for half a year while we worked together at a startup. While I was [...]

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