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McKinsey Offer from Top 200 University

The following field report is from a McKinsey new hire from a Top 200 U.S. university. While McKinsey and the other top firms are heavily represented by graduates of Ivy League universities (and their international counterparts), it is not staffed exclusively this way. The story that follows is very instructive for anyone applying from a [...]

When to Apply to Consulting Firms

Question: First of all, thank you for your work. It is great guidance to me. I reviewed all the FAQ’s and articles, but couldn’t find the answer to when somebody should apply. Do consulting firms have a certain seasonality in their recruiting process or can I send my resume in June, October or February, as [...]

Applying to McKinsey from a Non-Target School

Question: I wanted to thank you for your excellent materials, specifically the LOMS program. Using your frameworks and guidelines, I was able to recently secure offers from Oliver Wyman and McKinsey (I accepted the McKinsey offer). My school is a non-target and I am not sure if anybody from my school has received a non-MBA [...]

Networking to Get McKinsey, Bain & BCG Offers

Management Consulting Networking Success Story: I just want to drop you one additional thank you e-mail, as I heavily relied on your preparation sources throughout my interviewing journey (and the corresponding case interview preparation). It’s been a while now, but it is only now that I found the time to write. I interviewed last autumn [...]

Mensa, Fulbright Scholarships, Olympic Medals on Resumes

Question: I’ve been following your emails with interest since October. I want to apply for Strategy firms later this year, so it is likely that I will be purchasing LOMS soon and gearing up for some serious case-study practice. Today I looked at your consulting cover letter and consulting resume advice. You advise applicants to [...]

Experienced Hire Resume Criteria

Question on Experienced Hire Resume Criteria: Considering where I am at my profession and personal (age (33 yrs) + kid), I can only do a part-time MBA. I looked into an opening in Calgary Canada (I am based in SF, USA) at McKinsey and was tempted to apply. However, I am not sure how experienced [...]

Istilah-istilah Dalam Dunia Dominoqq

Istilah-istilah Dalam Dunia Dominoqq. Permainan yg diadaptasi dari permainan tradisional card ini terbilang sederhana aturannya, tetapi istilah yg diperlukan tak seluruh orang mengerti & malah hingga menciptakan orang agak bingung. Oleh dikarenakan itu, sebelum mengawali permainan dominoqq online, ada baiknya kamu mengetahui apalagi dulu istilah-istilah yg diperlukan di dalam permainan. Di antaranya: Taruhan Istilah-istilah dalam [...]

How to Get a McKinsey Interview Through Networking

Success Story: I am an avid reader of your emails. Reading your email forms a mandatory part of my reading list. (Business Week, Economist, FT, Wall Street Journal, and the Quran- it’s not all that bad :) Well Sir, just a quick note on how I have been able to secure a McKinsey interview, despite [...]

Applying Post-MBA without an Internship

Question: I hope you are well! I am an avid follower of your blog and your website dedicated to case interviews. In the context of interviewing for consulting jobs, I had a question for you: I am a first-year MBA student in a very good program in the U.S. Given that I had an initial [...]

How to Get a McKinsey Interview

Question on McKinsey Interview: I’ve been watching your videos/following your somewhat daily email postings on the McKinsey interview for a while now. I have a question regarding summer recruiting. I attend the University of Southern California. According to the McKinsey website and talking to my friends, McKinsey does not go through formal recruiting at my [...]