Case Interview Guide

Obligation to Dissent and Client Skills

In an email to my newsletter recipients (through, I made a glaring math mistake.  And I received more emails than I ever have pointing it out! This is actually quite an interesting teaching opportunity on so many levels, let explain what I mean. While I received many more emails than I normally do pointing [...]

Case Interview Glossary

This is note just for people with non-business backgrounds. I get a lot of emails from people saying I’m totally new to the world of business, how do I learn about the business world in 4 days. Okay, so that’s a tough challenge. I usually say, start reading the Wall Street Journal, Forbes and Fortune [...]

Case Interview Guide - Video Library

These management consulting case interview videos are a recording of a 1 day workshop I gave to approximately 100 Harvard Business School students. It is based on my experiences on both sides of the consulting case interview table–as an applicant and as an interviewer. I was hired as a Business Analyst and later became an [...]

Victor Cheng Case Interview Guide

Hi my name is Victor Cheng and I recently published a case interview guide consisting of tools, frameworks and videos related to the case interview process at the major consulting firms. If you are looking for jobs in management consulting with firms like McKinsey, Bain, and Boston Consulting Group, you will need to familiarize yourself [...]