case interview frameworks

Case Interview Guide - Video 6: Profitability Framework Explanation and Demo

One of the most useful case interview frameworks is the profitability framework. When you have a BCG interview or Bain interview that starts like this “The client is in the XYZ industry. Profits have suffered the last 3 years and the client has asked you to help…”, this often calls for the profitability framework as [...]

Case Interview Guide - Video 7: Business Situation Case Interview Framework

The business situation framework (a name I made up), is one of my most frequently used frameworks. It is often the case interview framework of choice in situations involving a new product introduction, entering a new market, developing a growth strategy, or otherwise finding some way to improve a company’s market position. To learn more [...]

Does Framework Selection Matter?

Question 1: In your videos you recommended to start broad. I noticed you always apply the 3CP: consumer, company, competition, products and you mentioned in the videos that many ways lead to the case ‘solution’ but you prefer to start with the consumers. Do interviewers actually care about the framework? Response 1: I think most [...]

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