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Networking to Get McKinsey, Bain & BCG Offers

I just want to send you a thank you e-mail, as I heavily relied on your preparation sources throughout my interviewing journey. I interviewed last autumn for a post-MBA/PhD position at the top firms in Germany. I applied to nine firms, and I had networked heavily with the four major players here in Germany, which are McKinsey, [...]

Bain Offer for Air Force Pilot

Success Story: I wanted to thank you for your outstanding program – I received and accepted an offer from Bain in October, and can unequivocally state that your program was instrumental in helping me navigate the daunting gamut of Consulting interviews. A little background on me – I definitely don’t fit the mold of a [...]

Bain Job Offer from Non-Target School

Following is a field report from a F1Y who shares a great example of perserverance. Field Report: Thank you very much for providing so much great material for free. I also found a lot of value in the LOMS materials that I purchased after going through the Case Interview Secrets videos. From these materials and [...]

Management Consulting Interview Stress

The following field report is from a recently hire Bain intern who wanted to pass along some advice to others still in the recruiting process. He secured the internship from a non-target school and had an interesting perspective on what it takes to be successful. Field Report: I have been waiting for this moment for [...]

Bain vs McKinsey

Here’s a field report from a future first year who has two MBB offers. Field Report: You’ve put me in a difficult position… I now have to decide between offers from Bain and McKinsey! I am writing to thank you for helping me attain my goal of working for a top consulting firm fresh out [...]

Bain Industry Hire Offer

Below is a field report from a new Bain consultant who was recruited as an industry hire. Field Report: After celebrating the Bain offer, I am finally debriefing you on my recruiting prep. Your videos and newsletter were just great. Thanks a lot again! I think you are doing an amazing job, as it helps [...]

How to Think More Analytically... Automatically

I was reading an email from a member of my case interview preparation community that had recently gotten offers from Bain and Booz. He made one particular comment that triggered a thought in my mind on how to think in a more structured and analytical way… automatically. This technique has been sitting underneath my nose [...]

How I Got BCG & Bain Offers without Live Practice

Email: I would like to talk about one very specific aspect from my recruiting experience that has led to securing offers from BCG and Bain. My background is engineering and I was applying to a Western Europe Office The specific aspect that I would like to talk about was my lack of practice partners. Basically [...]

Bain Interview Format

Reader Note: I don’t have proper words to thank you for all your letters, materials (Case Interview Secrets and LOMS) and overall spirit of a great guy helping others hit their #1 career target. I got an offer from Bain Europe, and my story is very similar to some others I read during last month [...]

Accenture Case Interview & Offer

Field Report: I whole-heartedly appreciate what you do and how helpful your case interview content is. With your help, I passed interviews with a variety of top firms – eventually getting and taking an offer to start in strategy at Accenture out of their NYC office. Given my Teach For America background (I am currently [...]

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