Struggling through Adversity

Through many of my struggles and failures in life, I’ve become far more acquainted with adversity than I ever wanted. In my 20s and 30s, failures and major setbacks were devastating to me. As I approach my 50s, I have a more sanguine attitude about adversity. Basically, sh*t happens in life. You can take every [...]

Control the Control-ables

There are two types of jobs in this world — task-oriented jobs and outcome-oriented jobs. A task-oriented sales position might require you to do the following in a single day: Make 120 sales phone calls Deliver 12 phone presentations Write 2 proposals Get 1 contract signed If you reliably do these proven tasks, you will [...]

Existing vs. Thriving

One of the single most useful skills in life and in career is the ability to tolerate turbulence. The easiest way to avoid turbulence is to never get out of bed and never try to do anything meaningful. When you take this approach in life or career, you risk nothing. You minimize your chances of [...]

Rethinking Failure

What is the opposite of success? If you’re like most people, your instinctive response is “failure.” This success vs. failure paradigm is so ingrained in our academic and work culture. I disagree with it completely. I prefer to think of this issue through a different lens. I think the opposite of success is “non-success.” I [...]

The Gift of Adversity

I spent most of my life thinking of adversity as the obstacle between me and success. Over the last three years, I’ve changed my perspective on adversity. The value of pursuing success isn’t the success itself. The value comes from the adversity that you must overcome in the process AND who that forces you to [...]

How to Overcome Rejection

Many believe that consulting skills (and by proxy case interview skills) are amongst some of the most useful skills in business. While I do agree with this statement, I do think there is another skill that is infinitely more useful in both business and in life. It is the skill of overcoming rejection or adversity. [...]