Strategic Resources

As you make strategic decisions about your career and life, here are some resources to help you along the way:

Ultimate Consultant Toolkit: Managing Clients and Engagements
If you work in consulting, this is a must-have program, with the core skills needed to effectively manage your clients and engagements.

Ultimate Consultant Toolkit 2: How to Thrive in a Corporate Environment
This is a continuation of my first Ultimate Consultant Toolkit, with additional modules for your success in a consulting role.

Financial & Data Analysis Toolkit
This program provides you with the financial and data analysis skills needed for effective analysis in consulting engagements.

How to Network Effectively for Career Opportunities & Advancement
Here, I cover what you need to know to effectively network (build relationships) for success in your career and life.

How to Develop Incredible Self Confidence & Unshakeable Self-Esteem
In this program, you will learn the components of unshakeable self-esteem and how that translates into incredible self confidence.