Resume Review Coaching Session

Candidates get into consulting using a variety of paths and approaches. The options available to you depend on the relative strengths/weaknesses of your resume or CV, stage of your career, strength (or lack thereof) of your personal network, and numerous other factors. If you have both strengths and potential weaknesses in your application, consider a resume review session with My resume reviewers are former BCG and Bain consultants that I've hand picked and trained to advise you in a way that's consistent with my Consulting Resume Toolkit.

Here are questions frequently asked in a resume review session:

  • I have X strengths on my resume, but I'm also very concerned about Y weakness. How can I compensate for this in my application process?
  • I've applied to several firms but have not gotten interviews from any. I know I have a competitive background, so I'm certain I'm doing something wrong -- but for the life of me, I can not figure out what it is.
  • I have a low (GPA; GMAT/ Other Scores). How can I compensate for this with another strength on my resume?
  • I'm applying as an experienced hire. Which skills in my background are going to be seen as favorable? What part of my resume are they going to be concerned about?

Coaching Process

  • Professional review and assessment of your resume/ CV in advance of your session
  • 1 Hour resume review session with coach via Skype
  • Session will be recorded and provided to you
  • Coach will make suggestions in the session for you to write the next draft.  Coach will then send a follow-up email with a new rewritten draft of your resume and any additional suggestions.

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