Resume Update = Interviews and Offer

Success Story:

I just wanted to very briefly reach out, offer my thanks and let you know of my success with consulting recruiting in my final year of a Bachelor of Commerce degree at [public research university]. I was exposed to your resources early this year as I was applying for consulting summer internships. I avidly read your emails and took much confidence from the stories that you share.

I was unsuccessful in getting even one consulting interview for summer positions, and knew that I had to fill some gaps in my experience. I followed your advice for cover letter and resume writing to every last word by filling gaps in my analytical work experience, getting a brand name on the resume and communicating concisely with a large amount of purpose behind each sentence and word I wrote.

This worked far beyond my expectations. I received interviews for seven Management Consulting positions - something I didn't think was possible and something that my classmates struggled to even get one or two of.

Not only this, but I believe that I've passed on your lessons (and others I've learned) to my peers and friends, some of whom have had equal success. Of course, your content about case interviews and the PARADE method for behavioural questions helped quite a bit as well, but in the end it's simply practice that makes perfect (and I still don't think I'm near perfect to be honest).

I've just accepted an offer to work with [a top consulting firm] in a quickly growing office, and I was able to pick from a few other offers in the meantime.

I also act on the Board of Directors for a student-run organization that engages undergraduate and graduate students to provide pro-bono consulting work for local businesses. We incorporate mentoring and speakers from [several of the top firms]. The program is taking off and I owe a large other portion of my success to my participation in it.

Thanks very much for your help over the last eight months. I had a huge turnaround, which was in large part due to your materials. I've enlisted in the F1Y mailing list and am looking forward to reading the notes as they come.

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