How to Network to Get a Management Consulting Interview

Over the years, one of the questions I have been asked the most frequently is how to network with the right people at the right time to secure an interview at a top consulting firm. My Guide on how to do just that is now available to you.

How to Network to Get a Management Consulting Interview Contents

  • Guide: 65+ pages with techniques, templates, and resources
  • Bonus: Example Networking Log (Excel spreadsheet for tracking contacts)

Practical Details

  • The investment for this program is $27.
  • The program is delivered digitally, and you will receive download instructions within 15 minutes of purchase.
  • We use industry standard Adobe Acrobat pdf files that can be used across all major computing platforms.

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Testimonials from readers who have used my networking guide:

"Victor's guidance was quite impactful on my professional and personal life. I am a consultant in the San Francisco office of BCG, thanks to this program. During recruiting, I was able to connect with BCGers to gain insight into the firm and to demonstrate my interest in consulting (difficult to do coming from PhD background). Based on those high-quality interactions, I'm convinced it led to my interviews at BCG & Bain. I also made connections with Bain and McKinsey consultants and plan to leverage them later in my career.

Using the lessons learned from this program, I have helped friends and family connect with potential employers, earn interviews and ultimately job offers at MBB and other firms." — Richard Heins

"Post Victor Cheng's Networking program, I embarked on a networking mission with as many alumni from my alma mater as possible. I successfully met with 50-100 different management consultants across various firms (ZS Associates, EY, Deloitte, Bain, McKinsey, BCG, Accenture & PWC)." — Amir Haider

"I ended up with a position as a General Manager for a regional player in the Middle East competing against global players in a specific industry. This position was secured purely through networking - although I was not actively looking for a job - just connected with an old friend and he introduced me to the co-founder." — Uzair Moosa

"I got a job at a tech company. Even though I didn't get a job at a consulting firm, Victor's case study and networking materials really helped me through the process. I started networking more enthusiastically with different contacts including my alums and recruiters from companies." — Jimmy Choi

"I have made some great in-roads by leveraging the things I learned from Victor. For example, I have been able to secure few other smaller gigs, as part of my current Partner role. The additional good news is that I have made great progress when it comes to our firm's thought leadership work as well." — Charles Prabakar

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