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I receive a lot of emails asking me questions about consulting and the case interview process.

For awhile, I attempted to reply to each email personally and then included the more interesting questions in my case interview email newsletter.

But, the email volume has finally overwhelmed my ability to respond to each question individually.

While I DO send congratulatory emails to those who let me know of their case interview success, I'm only able to answer a small number of the questions asked of me.

Here are a few tips that explain which questions I tend to answer in my email newsletter:

1) Ask a question that has not already been asked and answered before. All my email Q&A end up on my blog in the Case Interview Preparation section.

2) Ask a concise question. I scan the emails I receive. If your email requires me to scroll beyond the email window, I usually skip those emails intending to read them last (since they take so much more time to read). In practice, I never get to those emails because by the time I could read that email I've already received another 50 concise emails.

3) Ask a question that can be answered quickly. Don't send me an email asking me to solve 3 cases which would take me 5 hours to figure out, then write up, and then teach.

4) It helps to be polite. eMails that "demand" or "insist" I help someone right now!!!!! tend to backfire with me.

5) I don't read entire CV's, consulting resume's or consulting cover letters. If there is a specific question you have conceptually, feel free to ask that specific question (concisely)

6) Don't tell me your whole life story over 3 pages. Just mention the key facts. Think bullet points. (It's what you have to do on the job in consulting anyways).

Then send your question to me via email:
victor (at) caseinterview dot com

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