Power and Influence - How to Find It, Get It and Use It Video

Power and Influence - How to Find It, Get It, and Use It

Discover how POWER works in a corporate environment. In consulting you are hired for what you can do in front of a computer, but you are promoted based on how you handle people, politics, and power --- which are largely all the same thing.

In this video you will discover where power comes from in corporations, how to identify who has it and how to borrow their power to achieve your own objectives. If you've ever wondered how politically savvy operators navigate deeply political corporate waters, now you'll now.

At McKinsey, I was not smarter or more analytical than my peers. However, I was rated in the top 10% of my class worldwide largely based on my maturity and understanding of POWER. Other's noticed it. I figured out how to USE it. THAT was the key difference. In this session, you'll discover the exact strategies I used and learn how you can use them too.

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