Offers from McKinsey, Bain, and Booz - Brazil

What follows is feedback from a F1Y at a Top 3 firm in Brazil.

Field Report:

I know you must have a lot of feedback mail, but I would like to thank you anyway.

Your help was essential for understanding how case interviews really work, the real deal, not some examples edited in a book where magic solutions are found with no supporting data.

Both your frameworks and the LOMS are excellent ways of getting an insider's view of the dynamics of a case interview.

My performance two years ago, before starting to use the audio material you provide, was horrible, not passed through a single first round, not even at boutique firms. I had only prepared with Consentino's book, but the number of frameworks and lack of good examples did not help me a lot, as with a lot of my fellow F1Ys.

Now, my interviewers at both McKinsey and Bain said I had a "rock star" case performance. And I got offers from 4 firms out of 5.

I was only able to do it because I practiced and worked hard, almost entirely with your material.

Thank you so very much.

My Reply:

AWESOME.  You rock (as only a rock star would)!

Thank you for taking the time to share the great news.

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