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Success Story:

I was dreaming about writing you this e-mail and, now, I am finally able to. Well, I  landed offers from both OC&C and A.T. Kearney and almost landed one at McKinsey! And I owe you a big part of that! Thank you for preparing the best case prep material out there.

I'd like to add one thing, though: you should DEFINITELY put more emphasis on how great/helpful your Case Interview Secrets book actually is (specially if used in tandem with the LOMS program).  It was absolutely decisive for me in getting those offers.

I felt that, with the book, I was able to learn and grasp the main concepts and skills and, with the LOMS program, I exercised them. In that sense, they are very complementary to one another and I'd strongly advise any candidate to use them both.

Again: thank you very much.

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