Offer after Final Round Rejection

Success Story:

I am most certain that you receive hundreds of emails from people world-wide expressing their thanks for your provision of case study materials. My email is of a similar nature.

I came across your website after being unsuccessful in my final round interviews with one of the MBB firms, and receiving feedback that I needed to "dig a little deeper" when it came to case analysis. With only two weeks to go until my final round interviews with another one of the MBB firms, I was on a quest to find a solid way to improve my case analysis skills.

I was able to watch all your videos and to practice my cases using the advice you provided. Your method of using only 2 models allowed me to master them well, and further allowed me flexibility in applying them to any case I encountered.

I have just been granted a full-time offer at the latter firm, and wanted to thank you for the materials you have available to the public, for free! I am confident that it is as a result of your guidance through my case analysis practice that I was able to land this offer.

I strongly encourage all candidates who would like to succeed in their interviews to use your resources. I only had two weeks to improve my performance, and was able to do so by taking heed of your advice.

I would be very happy for you to share my story! For me, personally, the experience emails you send out are a source of motivation. It is my hope that it will help convince candidates who may be a little skeptical or apprehensive about your resources and methods, to go ahead and use them.

Many thanks once again.

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