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I've used your Case prep material and have recently been offered a job at McKinsey London. And I wanted to thank you personally. I found the videos a great starting point and the audio files of the practice cases (LOMS) to be great for what real cases could sound like. For someone with no consulting background- this was a treasure trove. I found a couple of highly rated cases (highly rated by you) to be especially useful and often listened to these audios on my way to school and back. And all the effort put in seems to have paid off! I am truly delighted at being offered a role at McK and I wanted to thank you for the great work you've done in making it happen.

Now that I have been offered a role and will be starting post completing my MBA, what do you suggest I do in the interim? Is there anything I could do between now and when I join to hit the ground running from day one?

Appreciate all your help again. Godspeed!

My Reply:

Congratulations on the McK offer!  Well done.

In terms of preparing between now and your start date. There are a number of ways to prepare.

1) Sign up for my newsletter for new first year consultants.

2) Especially for starting at McKinsey in particular, there are several McKinsey-oriented books worth reading including a) The McKinsey Way, b) The Pyramid Principle, c) Anything by Gene Zelazney - he's the person who developed all of the conventions for presenting at McKinsey (Templates, etc...) over the last 30+ years.

3) I have a program that shows the blueprint of what it takes to be successful in consulting. You might consider getting that as a resource. Its called How to Succeed in Management Consulting (HSMC for short)

4) If you aren't yet proficient in Excel, take an Excel course... you will be using it a lot. Formulas, pivot tables, vlookups, what/if scenario manager, solver (these are all commonly used Excel tools).

5) Get a book on financial statement analysis - there are a bunch of these out there, I recommend two in the reading list in HSMC. The titles all sound alike, so I don't recall the exact titles of the two I looked at and liked.

6) If you have a chance to get some practice in any kind of public speaking, that's definitely worth doing.

Other than that enjoy the time between now and then-- it's one of the few times in life where it's relatively low stress as the immediate future is fairly certain and favorable.

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