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McKinsey Internship Offer:

I received today an internship offer from McKinsey in Paris after two rounds of interviews.

First, I wanted to thank you for the advice you gave in your 6 hour tutorials, and in all the great examples of cases you put on your website:

- I only had one week to prepare the first round, and another week before the second round.

The videos and a bit of preparation with a friend were exactly what I needed to prepare the interviews in such a short time.

- I used your frameworks for every case, and I followed your advices for the personal part of the interview.

Especially the advice about taking notes as if you were drawing a slide on powerpoint.

This trick really impressed the consultant, and it was very useful, during the interview, to return my pad to the consultant and explain him my reasoning.

Second, my business school does not have any class to teach those skills to the students. With my modest experience, I would like to follow your path and open a case interview association next year.

I hope I'll be able to invite you to the campus to exchange with the wanna-be-consultant students from the school.


My Reply:

Congratulations on your McKinsey Offer.

I wanted to comment on your use of taking notes in an issue tree format, and then turning around your note pad to show the interviewer and explain your thoughts.

(For more information on how to draw an issue tree diagram, see the samples in Look Over My Shoulder®.)

My first response when I read this was, "Yes, Yes, Yes!"

This works for the simple reason that it is what consultants do when in a working meeting with clients.

And once you start working at McKinsey, you will be doing this fairly regularly with your colleagues, the firm's partners, as well as clients.

As consultants, we do this all the time. Sometimes it is on a pad of paper,  other times it is on a white board or flip chart.

So I'm not surprised the interviewer was impressed, though I am surprised more candidates don't do this in interviews -- but maybe given your email they will.

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