Key Takeaways from McKinsey F1Y

Success Story:

Hope you are doing well. I just received an offer from McKinsey and Co for an Associate role. I am doing an MBA from a non-core school, therefore it was really hard for me to prepare for case interviews and reach the interview stage.

I prepared for Mckinsey interviews by practicing more than 100 live cases, going through LOMS around 5-6 times and casebooks from different schools. Based on my experience, I want to share the following key takeaways which might be useful for anyone applying to MBB.

  • Persistence and Dedication: I got dinged from Bain, AT Kearney, BCG, Booz and Oliver Wyman without even making to interview stage. However I prepared really well and I was just looking for one opportunity so I can make use of it.
  • Personal Experience Interview: A lot of students don’t focus on PEI which is a big mistake. I gave 5-6 mock PEI interviews and reviewed my stories with friends before actual interviews. PEI matters a lot specially in Round 2 Interviews. Therefore don’t ignore, and follow the PARADE method.
  • Creativity and Big Picture: McKinsey’s Round 2 is pretty much just brainstorming different ideas with Partners and thinking strategically. In Round 1 they check Problem Solving Skills; the focus of Round 2 is to check if candidate can address CEO level issues and think big.

These are three key takeaways from my experience. I want to thank you again for providing wonderful resources.

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