McKinsey Experienced Professional

Success Story:

I am an experienced professional (in a specific industry) who decided to switch to management consulting and first applied about 40 days ago. I had applied only to McKinsey and received my offer yesterday after six interviews.

I had interviewed for an [Asia Region] office but am living [Other Region] hence every interview was VC (video conference case interview) based. These were the first case interviews I had ever faced. After a slightly nervous start, I got better and better and finally made it.

Your materials along with Marc Cosentino's book were very useful in preparing (I had no one to practice cases with) - thanks for putting up such a profusion of invaluable material for free.

My case interview preparaton methods were slightly unconventional (my circumstances were a bit different) so I would not recommend them to anyone.

Since I had no one to practice with, I did the following

1. Read a case (without looking at the solution)

2. Formulate the case interview framework

3. For each aspect in any framework write down what datachart would be needed to get more data

4. Look at the published solution

5. If I did not get the framework right, I improved on the framework and gradually turned it into a superframework .

I read around 3 cases a day but dissected them minutely. By the end I had covered around 90 cases. Am joining in a month or so !!

Would like to subscribe to your "Survival Newsletter", if you could send me the link.


My Comments:

Congratulations on passing the McKinsey case interview and securing a job offer. Also here's the link to my newsletter on how to thrive as a new consultant (note: I generally try to aim HIGHER than just surviving 🙂

Once again, congratulations and welcome to the McKinsey extended family.