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Success Story:

Thanks for your emails.  While I enjoyed receiving your insights, I will no longer need them as I have begun my new life as a consultant with McKinsey!

I'd like to take a moment and say that you have a wonderful system here that positively impacted me in three main ways:

1) Your freely available content is wonderful. I like that you balance avoiding "hard and fast" rules, but also provide very MECE frameworks.  As an industry hire, I had very few resources to get direct, comprehensive guidance from those with case interview experience - your stuff was essentially my platform to get started - and that it's available for free, is a gift.  You're quite the patron!

2) LOMS was my "Stage 2" - and actually was my first real introduction to what a case actually feels like.  In the car, at work, at the gym... LOMS was my way to get better when away from my desk at home.  Worth every penny.

3) The emails you send were the cherry on top.  I liked reading success stories, extra tips, "style" pointers and the like.  While I ultimately had to practice and develop my own rhythm and frameworks, these were a welcome complement to my sessions.


My Comments

I thought I'd comment on this F1Y's third point about coming up with your own rhythm, style and frameworks.

I find it interesting that quite a number of the F1Ys I mentor learn everything I teach, and then ultimately go beyond it by developing their own approach to case interviews. This approach is in similar spirit as what I teach, but not a carbon copy. This is not surprising to me for several reasons.

First, there are MANY ways to be right in life, business, and case interviews. I teach one approach. But rather than just teach the approach, I have tried to explain WHY certain elements were important. By doing so, my hope was CIB would be able to understand the principles behind what I teach (which do not vary much from one successful F1Y to another), rather than the specific method (which can vary from successful individual to another).


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