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Success Story:

I just received (and accepted) my offer from McKinsey in Dubai and thought I would take a minute to give credit where credit is due and perhaps ask for you advice.

First off, let me say that I'm a big fan of all of your materials and I am confident that using them was critical in my receiving the offer. I think my most significant takeaway from your program has been to be able to internalize how good consultants think. When you're sitting in the waiting room of your final rounds with five other candidates (read:competitors), you start to appreciate just how important consistency is in these interviews.

For me, your workshop videos and LOMS program really helped to build an understanding of how consultants approach problems while your newsletters served to constantly reinforce it. I think this internalization is one of the key reasons I came out of the recruiting process with an offer, so thank you for making it so much more accessible!

On another note, I won't be starting for six months or so and am currently not in school. Do you have any suggestions as to what I can do to prepare me for consulting? I know that there is a lot of reading material available and that many people suggest traveling before starting but I really feel like doing something more impactful. I know that McKinsey has a renowned alumni network but is there any chance I would be able to access it before I actually start?

My Reply:

Congratulations on the offer!

McKinsey is very protective of its alumni database, so you really can't access it easily until after you join and then quit McKinsey. When I was there, even current employees did not normally have access to the alumni database.

Fortunately, there is LinkedIn. If I were you, I would get an InMail account (there is a fee for this) and contact alumni and take them out to lunch. Explain you got an offer, accepted it, and will be starting soon. If they decline, it will be only due to time constraints, as you will be a very credible person asking them to lunch (and if not lunch, ask for a phone call or Skype conference).

I would also suggest joining my email newsletter for new consultants. You can sign up at:

I also have a new consultant training toolkit which you might want to take a look at: How to Succeed in Management Consulting

Once again, congratulations and good luck at McKinsey!  Welcome to the "firm" (and once you join, you're always a part of the "family").

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