McKinsey Case Competition

Success Story:

THANK YOU! I finished 1st in McKinsey Budapest's case study competition. In the first round we had to write the PST, and 24 out of 110 students qualified to compete in the oral part, which was a presentation-only case interview (with prep time of 3 hours).

This recent success reminded me how lucky I am that I grew up in a protecting, healthy and loving environment and had access to excellent education. Meanwhile, other children face challenges I can hardly imagine, so in order to help them a bit, I donated €200 from my prize to children in Bolivia.

This month I will start interviewing for the full time position and obviously will prepare a lot using your materials (LOMS, Case Interview Secrets book, newsletter, etc.) - if I get the offer, my next donation will go to KidPower, I promise.

PS: I passed my BCG interviews for a Visiting Associate (~intern) position in 2011 with LOMS, but that's another story and never said thanks - so thanks for that too!!!
Update Two Months Later:

I owe you a huge THANK YOU again, as I got an offer from McKinsey.

I won their case study competition two months ago. I was then interviewed by 6 different people, 3 of them being Directors.

As preparation, I almost exclusively used your book, which I re-read between each of the 3 rounds. In the feedback, my interviewers pointed out that I didn't seem stressed at all and it was apparent that I had fun solving the cases (so they know that I will like the job too).

There were two quite tough estimation questions that I could only tackle because you placed such big emphasis on teaching the correct mindset instead of pushing unnecessarily complex frameworks.

So thanks again, I'm really glad that I found your website and on behalf of the "consultant job-seeker" community I think I can state that you are really making an impact through your publications.

Keep up the useful work, I will soon make the donation to Kidpower and will sign up for the F1Y mailing list.

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    When is the next McKinsey Case Competition?

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