APD Success Story:

I am sure you get a ton of these, but I wanted to drop you a note to thank you for all the resources you’ve put up on your site. I got an offer for a summer associate position with McKinsey yesterday through the APD recruiting process, and caseinterview.com was an integral part of my preparation (along with live practice from friends in consulting).

I also found the email newsletter very helpful in terms of “getting into the head” of interviewers and learning what they look for.

As you repeatedly note, going through the process for the second time made me realize what a difference preparation makes.

Coming out of college, I went through the consulting interview process and didn’t get an offer from any of M/B/B (though I did end up with an offer at another firm).

I don’t attribute my different results this time to being older, wiser, or smarter, but rather the fact that I prepared more or less for two months straight (besides school), whereas I did not coming out of college.

Thanks again – you have truly created an incredible resource. There are many people who are grateful that you have, myself included.


My Comments:

Congratulations in successfully getting through the McKinsey APD recruiting process. I hope you enjoy the McKinsey summer associate role.

One little “warning”. McKinsey generally tries to take it easy with the summer associates. You will of course get real client work, but at long as you do a decent job, they make a big effort to ensure you have a good time (events, dinners, etc…).

Just realize that if you ended up accepting a full time offer, the work is just as interesting but there’s um… slightly less wine-ing and dine-ing. 🙂

Again, congratulations and welcome to the McK extended family.