Coming Soon: Victor Cheng's Inner Circle


Victor Cheng's Inner Circle will be available for enrollment in spring 2021.

Watch your email for your chance to enroll!

What is Included in Inner Circle Membership?

  • Office hours with Victor Cheng via videoconference where he will reply to your career and life questions (every other month);
  • Victor's print newsletter, The Strategic Outlier Letter™, sent to you by postal mail (every month);
  • BONUS: Victor's 1-hour video presentation on Strategic Planning for Your Life.

What are the Benefits of Inner Circle Membership?

Inner Circle membership will provide you with exclusive access to resources designed to mentor you on topics ranging from your career to your overall success in life. Victor uses these resources to share his knowledge and experiences with you to make you a better employee, employer, spouse, parent, sibling, friend, and everything in between.

Office Hours are a time for you to ask Victor questions about life after the case interview and to receive practical mentorship on these topics. This opportunity allows you to see what obstacles your peers are encountering so that you can be prepared for them. All of these sessions are recorded so that you can revisit them later.

The monthly newsletter focuses on a new topic each month designed to help you grow and thrive in your career and in your life. It is authentic and heartfelt advice from difficult lessons that Victor had to learn as he built, redirected, and rebuilt his career over the years.

Many current members credit the Inner Circle materials for helping them get raises, start companies, and even become more emotionally intelligent. Inner Circle is not just about having a successful career. The Inner Circle is about what you can do to differentiate your skills from those of your peers. As Victor has said before, “If you do what the average professional does, you will get average results.”

What do Inner Circle Members Say about the Program?

  • “Thank you for all your work. You create such a great and unique resource for continuous learning. You truly changed my life! Currently, I'm an entrepreneur, have one business and two startups. I guess you are the most influential person in my life.”
  • I have finally managed to break into the business world at a large company with a non-traditional background. I can't thank you enough for your invaluable guidance and mentoring. I feel - in life and career - greatly enriched. I hope to remain your mentee for a long time. Thank you, Victor.”
  • “Thank you for providing excellent content, which I can apply to both personal and professional.  I love all of your articles and I’m so happy I made a decision to be in the Inner Circle. You are one of my mentors, and I am thrilled to have you as a role model for my career!  Thank you for being real and raw, it helps me to break down my emotional/mental barriers.”

What about the Strategic Outlier Letter ?

  • “I have received your Strategic Outlier since day one and love your suggestions.  It has greatly improved my career. In 2 years, thanks to your newsletter, I was able to increase my salary by $50K.  So, thank you!”
  • “Thank you for your amazing letters. I am trying to use them every single day to get more out of every interaction. Your approaches are applicable every day at work, and your Strategic Outlier material goes above and beyond to be applicable to everyday life.”
  • “The Strategic Outlier is easily the only piece of paper mail that I look forward to receiving. It’s humorous, insightful, organized, and always well-received.”

What about Office Hours?

  • “The session really was incredible. I'm trying to figure out my next move in my career and it was extremely helpful.  I am glad there will be a recording because I want to review the information again.”
  • “Thank you again, Victor, for another valuable and enjoyable session.  More and more, I learn from "other peoples' questions" than my own. Thank you for being genuinely interested in helping us out.”
  • “Thank you very much for your valuable insights. I really liked the way you explored my thinking and liked the model you shared, it is very practical. I enjoyed watching the whole session, all of the questions were very relevant.”

Investment & Practical Details

You have the option of a monthly membership or an annual membership which includes a discount:

For Mailing Addresses within the U.S.:

  • Annual Membership is $199.50 per year ( this includes 2 free months -- you get 12 months of membership for the price of 10 months )
  • Monthly Membership is $19.95 per month  

For Mailing Addresses outside the U.S.:

  • Annual Membership is $249.50 per year ( this includes 2 free months -- you get 12 months of membership for the price of 10 months )
  • Monthly Membership is $24.95 per month  

Within a week of enrollment, you will be sent the inaugural edition of The Strategic Outlier Letter in the postal mail as a welcome gift, along with the current month’s issue. You will also receive an email within 60 days with the date and time for the next scheduled Office Hours session so that you can register to join the next upcoming video conference.

You will receive your monthly copy of The Strategic Outlier Letter every month of membership. Every other month, you will receive email notification of the upcoming scheduled Office Hours for your opportunity to register and submit a question.