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While you are waiting for this email, I wanted to share with you information on a resource I think might be useful for you. One of the topics I will mentor you on is about establishing your personal brand.

How to Develop a Powerful Personal Brand

In my program on How to Develop a Powerful Personal Brand, I teach you the exact same approach I used to build a personal brand in the management consulting field.

You’ll discover a framework and approach for building your own personal brand. Similar to how I deconstruct the case interview process into easy-to-understand steps, I do the exact same thing in this program for building a personal brand.

This program is NOT available to the general public, but is available to you as a special offer since you joined my Inner Circle.

How to Develop a Powerful Personal Brand
(3-Part Program)

In my program exclusively for members, you’ll discover how to have your reputation precede you, become a high profile person in your field, and have opportunities seek you out (instead of the other way around).

In How to Develop a Powerful Personal Brand, I cover:

  • A framework for thinking about personal brand strategy
  • How to promote your brand without being arrogant or pushy in any way
  • How to develop a personal brand even if you’re an introvert who’s very private
  • Decision criteria for deciding what to focus on for a personal brand
  • A step-by-step process for building your brand
  • How to get started when you have no idea what to do first
  • Personal brand blueprints for:
    • consultants on the partnership track,
    • industry professionals at the director level or higher,
    • current or aspiring entrepreneurs,
    • recent college graduates.
  • How to be a thought leader in your field
  • Personal brand-building considerations for women in male-dominated industries
  • How to build your brand without threatening your boss

Personal Brand Program Contents:

  • Class Videos – My teaching on how to develop a powerful personal brand, including the framework and process I used to build a personal brand. Q&A included.
  • Transcripts from all portions of the class
  • Slides from all portions of the class.

When you have a personal brand, you stop seeking opportunities. Instead, opportunities seek you out.

Building a powerful personal brand opens doors you may not have thought were open to you. Start developing yours through my program on How to Develop a Personal Brand.